ISAPI Rewrite

Written by Pam Dean

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".", "*", "?", "+", "(", ")", "{", "}", "[", "]", "^" and "$". This becomes important when typing ( it would have to look like (

Parentheses are used to group items together to be marked as what is to be matched, such as "(apple)*" would match all ofrepparttar string "appleappleapple".

You can see more helpful expression tips here,

Some examples ofrepparttar 133384 rules you will see inrepparttar 133385 httpd.ini file look like this:

#manual redirect of one domain RewriteCond Host: (www.)? RewriteRule (.*) /domain1$2

#redirecting to another URL RewriteCond Host: (www.)? RewriteRule (.+)$1 [R]

#Rewrite just one domain but keeprepparttar 133386 old link working RewriteCond Host: (www.)? RewriteRule (?!/domain1)(.*) /domain1$2 [I]

Many tricks come with a catch, and this is no exception. One disadvantage that I have come across is thatrepparttar 133387 response.write from ASP or ASP.NET does not work well in conjunction with this component. Absolute paths are required since relative paths are done after ISAPI Rewrite handlesrepparttar 133388 request and aren't redirected as would be expected. The workaround is to use absolute paths withrepparttar 133389 full domain name inrepparttar 133390 redirect. If Server.Transfer is to be used, it should be tested as well. It runs into similar issues.

Additionally, when using ASP or ASP.NET,repparttar 133391 new virtual root folder should be marked as an application so thatrepparttar 133392 new virtual root's folder is used for global.asa(x), web.config and /bin.

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Greasing Bearings - How Much is Enough?

Written by Thomas Yoon

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By filling up allrepparttar free space, impurities are effectively prevented from entering and damagingrepparttar 133383 bearings andrepparttar 133384 lubricating intervals can be extended.

For most other greases,repparttar 133385 general rule applies.

Bearings can be divided into two categories - non-separable and separable bearings. No matter which bearing type it is,repparttar 133386 general practice is to fill uprepparttar 133387 space between inner race,repparttar 133388 outer race, andrepparttar 133389 rolling components (ball or roller) on both sides ofrepparttar 133390 bearing. Because of its consistency,repparttar 133391 grease should be able to remain in place without dropping off. In this way, we can ensure thatrepparttar 133392 rubbing contact surface actually has grease on it.

For relubrication, how much is enough? The following formula gives a good indication:

G = 0.005 DB

where, G = grease quantity in grams D = bearing outside diameter in mm B = total bearing width in mm

By practicing proper lubrication,repparttar 133393 bearings should be able to last for a long time. However, bearings can still fail if it has not been installed properly or for other reasons.

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