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Sell With Images Drawn With Words

We must picture ourselves experiencingrepparttar benefits of a product before buying it. There's nothing new in this. Copywriters have known it for years. We need to listen to these people, and study their work with care.

If we are selling tickets to Tahiti, we do not attempt to do so directly. First we show our reader, a man in this case,repparttar 134823 beautiful beaches, with nicely tanned people cavorting about and having a grand time. And, of course,repparttar 134824 hula dancers for whichrepparttar 134825 island is famous. We show our prospect what he will feel on this beach underrepparttar 134826 tropical sun, withrepparttar 134827 drink of his choice in hand, and a lovely woman close by.

Only when we are certain he has this picture clearly in mind, do we begin leading gently toward a sale. Maybe: We can to get you on a plane, into a great hotel, then out onto that beach in just a few short hours. Then maybe: Isn't it time you did something for yourself? Or maybe just forrepparttar 134828 heck of it?

By Contrast, ...

Picture a site that slaps yourepparttar 134829 face with images up top which are slow to load. As to our needs,repparttar 134830 comments are limited to, "We'rerepparttar 134831 best," "Cheapest rates," and so forth. All followed by a confusing, jumbled array of options that are virtually unintelligible at least at first glace. And maybe later as well.

Which site will you chose to work with? Which site will you remember?

Pictures Matter

Not graphics. That's not what I mean at all. What matters isrepparttar 134832 pictures you are able to create in your visitor's mind. And that's pretty much all that does matter.

I continue to be awed at how delicious those hamburgers from Jack In The Box look inrepparttar 134833 TV commercials, particularly after just finishing a great dinner. And only $0.99? Wow. Where do I sign up? Problem is, I tried one once. Spoilsrepparttar 134834 image for me, that's for sure.

I loverepparttar 134835 idea behind, "Sellrepparttar 134836 sizzle, notrepparttar 134837 steak." But underneath it all, you'll do better if there's a great steak.

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Written by Bob McElwain

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Can We Afford It?

Even if all works out nicely, this technology won't be cheap. The underlying structure depends upon a comprehensive database, and nobody is giving this kind of software away. My hunch is that prices will be out of reach for small one-person businesses, at least until they are able to produce strong profits. For those just getting started, forget it. We're talking of dollars inrepparttar thousands at least.

So What's One To Do?

You don't have to wait on technology to implement CRM. As suggested earlier, it's a way of doing business that works. Simply be sure customer support and satisfaction isrepparttar 134822 fundamental goal of your company. Sure you want to sell, but not atrepparttar 134823 expense of this core aspect of your business.

Here's a partial list of things you can do right now to demonstrate that for your company, your customer comes first.

> Be sure site content is complete and easy to read.

> Make certain navigation is a dead cinch.

> Keep order forms as simple as possible.

> Throughout your site, encourage feedback in every possible way.

> Respond quickly to email. Be sure you have answered repparttar 134824 question completely. And as possible, anticipate and respond to other possible concerns as related torepparttar 134825 question.

> Provide complete contact info atrepparttar 134826 bottom of every page on your site. And yes, you must include a street address and a phone number, preferably an 800 number that is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by someone who knows what they are about.

> Provide a fax number as well; some people love paper.

> Follow up on all queries and sales. Make certain a high level of satisfaction has been generated.

> Be sure your product or service delivers more than expected.

> Offer an unbeatable guarantee. 12 months has merit in that customers will not feel hurried into making a decision. And later they may not feel comfortable making a request.

CRM Technology

I'm looking forward to seeing such systems in action. And I hope they are as effective as those designing them claim they will be. To achieve this goal, designs must be customer directed and controlled.

But with or without such tools, there is a lot we can do right now to demonstrate our concern for our customers. Our bottom line reflects how well we are doing in this matter.

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