Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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We can't understandrepparttar reasons why Eric was so young and had to die Our Heavenly Father knows what is best Eric was tired and now is at rest

He leaves behind a grieving wife, a daughter and son In his eyes they were number one His loving mother and father he hated to leave He knew how they and his brothers and sister would grieve

These words he would speak to comfort them I trusted in Jesus, have faith in Him I will see you again on that heavenly shore Where sorrow and pain is no more

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired US Army

Downturn Seasons...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Now how does this story of Abraham relate to us and our downturn seasons? The people of God must learn that there are be seasons of rejoicing inrepparttar Lord, and there are seasons of sheer boredom. As a minister ofrepparttar 135948 church of Jesus Christ, it is important that I advise you of this. Why? So you won’t come into a season of “downturn” and think that you are out of fellowship with God. Even in an intimate relationship with another human being, there are times of miscommunication, silence, rebuildingrepparttar 135949 relationship, disagreements, duties, responsibilities, and etc. Not every experience inrepparttar 135950 intimacy is intimate. The bedroom experience is notrepparttar 135951 norm, butrepparttar 135952 highlight.

So what doesrepparttar 135953 child of God do duringrepparttar 135954 downturn of seasons? He or she does not allow discouragement to wreck his or her relationship with God. One must maintain, continue, and persevere. It sounds mundane, but it is true. There are seasons of downturn in one’s relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son. Remember this. God does not forsake you throughrepparttar 135955 downturn seasons. In fact, He allowsrepparttar 135956 downturn.

The downturn does several things. For one, it denotes a changing of one season torepparttar 135957 next. Inrepparttar 135958 downturn stay steadfast before God, and rejoice in faith that a new season is onrepparttar 135959 horizon. Secondly, it tests your faith. Can you trust God—pray to Him, serve Him, attend church or mass—even duringrepparttar 135960 difficult days? Or doesrepparttar 135961 downturn show you something displeasing about yourself—you serve Him only when you are happy? Thirdly,repparttar 135962 downturn gives yourepparttar 135963 opportunity to reconnect with your humanity. Even Jesus needed time alone fromrepparttar 135964 crowds. Even Jesus needed rest and proper nutrition. No matterrepparttar 135965 experience of spirituality in this life, downturns are inevitable and necessary. Do not fight againstrepparttar 135966 downturns of life. Recognize them for what they are and go withrepparttar 135967 flow. Pastor T.dash


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