Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

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Fortunately, I controlledrepparttar remote control inrepparttar 118106 beginning. The cunningness of my wife soon came torepparttar 118107 forefront. I had no idea that she,repparttar 118108 mother of my children, would play dirty. At times, I regret being such a gentleman. Let me show you what I mean.

I hadrepparttar 118109 remote control for about 20 minutes when my wife said, "Honey, I left a book inrepparttar 118110 car. Would you be a Dear, and go torepparttar 118111 car and get it for me?"

Without pausing to think, something quite common for me, I laid downrepparttar 118112 remote control and headed forrepparttar 118113 door. Quick as a flash I retrievedrepparttar 118114 book fromrepparttar 118115 car. When I get back torepparttar 118116 room my wife was sitting onrepparttar 118117 bed, with pillows behind her andrepparttar 118118 remote control in her hand.

But more than that, a grin was smeared all over her face.

I had been snuckered. And this would not berepparttar 118119 last time.

That was Monday. On Tuesday, I finally regained control ofrepparttar 118120 remote control and was right inrepparttar 118121 middle of an old Western movie when my Beloved made her next move.

"Honey, I'm so thirsty, would you go and get me a soda fromrepparttar 118122 machine down front?"

Again, without thinking, I rose torepparttar 118123 occasion and bolted forrepparttar 118124 door on what I thought was an errand of mercy. When I returned withrepparttar 118125 ice-cold soda, there my Beloved was, sitting onrepparttar 118126 bed, with pillows behind her andrepparttar 118127 remote control in her hand.

By Thursday, I was catching up. Early inrepparttar 118128 morning, I possessedrepparttar 118129 remote. I think my mistake on Thursday was feeling a little too confident in myself. Around 4 o'clock inrepparttar 118130 afternoon my wife looked at me and said, "You really need to take a shower."

The tiny gray cells were not vibrating, and I immediately headed forrepparttar 118131 bathroom and took a shower. On coming out ofrepparttar 118132 bathroom, I was greeted with her sitting onrepparttar 118133 bed, with pillows behind her andrepparttar 118134 remote control in her hand.

Again, that familiar smirk was smeared all over her face.

I must confess, and it's hard for me to do it, but my wife is a better loafer than I am. It looks like in 2005, control will be a remote possibility for me.

The key to a solid marriage relationship, however, is not control but consent to mutual respect. "Submitting yourselves one to another inrepparttar 118135 fear of God." (Ephesians 5:21 KJV.)

Rev. James L. Snyder is an award winning author and popular columnist living in Ocala, FL with his wife Martha.


Written by Patience Pantperhog

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-- "‘Eager Beaver’ is my middle name…so I’d love to sink my glistening white, tartar-fighting buckteeth into lots more work today."

-- "I'm Your #1 TEAM - The Easy Answer Man – at your service."

-- "Hey, I’m all pumped up, so where do we register for that trial balloon course?"

-- "My last performance evaluation said that I’d make a great scapegoat – do you need one in your department?"

-- "Byrepparttar way, is that “arm candy” job posted onrepparttar 118105 notice board inrepparttar 118106 executive dining room still available?"

-- "The latest corporate communications audit shows we've got nothing butrepparttar 118107 highest quality, 360 degree closed feedback loop rating inrepparttar 118108 industry ... so what's new atrepparttar 118109 virtual watercooler and whistleblower pit stop dude?"

-- "Okay, so Neptune's in Capricorn and Mercury's gone retrograde, but I still need one more defensible position why we didn't meet quota last month."

-- "Princess Poohbah, if I honor your request for an engraved nameplate on your powder-room door, then will you play 'Kickrepparttar 118110 Can' with me?"

-- "Let's see,repparttar 118111 most influential management book I've ever read ...hmmm...that would be Discoveringrepparttar 118112 World ofrepparttar 118113 Three-Toed Sloth by John Hoke...and a close second would be, Fish Who Answerrepparttar 118114 Telephone by Yury Petrovich Frolov."

Patience Pantperhog, an inveterate litterbug and whimsical wordwatcher at the "Wonder-Worker Weekly", provides an amusing analysis of ludicrous life as a libertine (in the Court of the Quipping Queen --

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