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The Kids Domain may sound like a place, well, just for kids, butrepparttar whole family can find something fun and interesting atrepparttar 118993 site.

It offers gift-making ideas, electronic greeting cards, crafts, games to download, holiday clipart, recipes, book suggestions for parents, music, stories and world traditions.

The site includes holiday variations for several countries and/or beliefs such as Kwanzaa and Ramadan. There also isrepparttar 118994 Grownups Place for parents.

Children haverepparttar 118995 opportunity to send Santa Claus a letter, provided in an easy-to-use form.

Other sites that offer letters to Santa are The North Pole's Christmas Mission,, Santa at Home, Dear Santa Claus, Santa Claus Online, and The Christmas Pages.

Finally, children of all ages can track Santa Claus' travels on Christmas Eve at

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Free Agent Nation Book Review

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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"Nanocorp. A microbusiness that remains "ruthlessly small" -- as both a personal preference and a competitive strategy."

"Digital Marxism. With inexpensive computers, wireless handheld devices, and ubiquitous low-cost connections torepparttar internet, workers can now ownrepparttar 118992 means of production."

"Corporate Yenta. An entity that matches independent workers with firms or projects that need their short term help."

The first few pages introducerepparttar 118993 thesis that we're becoming a Free Agent Nation whererepparttar 118994 old idea ofrepparttar 118995 "Organization Man" is giving way torepparttar 118996 concept of "e-lancers" holding meetings at Starbucks coffee houses and home schooling their kids.

He sweeps uprepparttar 118997 dust of our tired old ideas as he continues to show us howrepparttar 118998 "industrial economy separated work and family." While ... "The free agent economy is rejoining them." He illustrates change by reporting that "My size fits me" has now replaced "One size fits all" of not only work but education as well.

Pink is well known for his prognostications onrepparttar 118999 future for Fast Company Magazine and leaps right out there with a few shocking ideas indicating massive changes inrepparttar 119000 economy by suggesting entrepreneurs will sell shares in themselves to putrepparttar 119001 "I" back in IPO's with F.A.N. (Free Agent Nation) bonds. Financial instruments that emphasize talent and creativity overrepparttar 119002 more common mass of corporate safety and financial bulk.

He wraps up by suggesting that women will replacerepparttar 119003 "Old Boy Network" and rulerepparttar 119004 landscape of a new economy because they are better suited to community and sharing rather thanrepparttar 119005 old male "conquer and topple" model of business success. Maybe it'srepparttar 119006 only way men can be seen as equals, when we have to out- think women rather than bully and threaten them.

Now I'm not sure he's got it all right, but damn! The next few years will be nothing if not exciting as they unfold to exposerepparttar 119007 flower of this budding new world as seen by Pink!

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