Written by Donald B. Kramer

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serve. While "key word" BANNERS on words would be too costly, you can place free listings on search engines. Userepparttar name of your city or state in your promotion. For instance, you can list your firm high on a search engine at and pay only when someone clicks on your listing. A Clayton, Missouri law firm inrepparttar 125238 criminal law field should ask for listings onrepparttar 125239 words "Missouri crimes", "Clayton crime","Missouri arrest", etc. to make surerepparttar 125240 responses are coming fromrepparttar 125241 right potential clients. The search engines, where you can pay per "click-through" can be a marvelouis bargain. Don't expect a flood of traffic, but what you do get can be worthwhile. In some cases, a "click-through" can cost as little as a penny. Submit your site information torepparttar 125242 major "search engines". There are many firms onrepparttar 125243 Internet that will do this for you without charge. Some advertise they will submit your name to 2,000 "search engines", but this may just generate 2,000 "thank you" messages, and little else. When you submit your website to search engines, make sure it has "metatags" that clearly show your categories of law and your location, so you have a chance to end up inrepparttar 125244 right spot. Ask your website designer to explain "metatags". Very few firms get high listings on "search engines" andrepparttar 125245 viewing public rarely goes beyond number 20. While there may be thousands listed in a category,repparttar 125246 search engine will not letrepparttar 125247 viewer go beyond 500. Professionals should letrepparttar 125248 directories dorepparttar 125249 marketing and bringrepparttar 125250 highly targeted traffic to their site.

Donald B. Kramer is President of "Attorneyfind" at It is an inexpensive and user-friendly site (spending heavily on banners and listings to bring heavy traffic to 4,500 listings).

Link Popularity in a Box

Written by John Buchanan

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Zeus is a software program that was designed to automate repparttar task of finding reciprocal links for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business, customers, and promotion. It's sole purpose is to crawlrepparttar 125237 Web and find sites that match your criteria, and then get them to link to you.

Inrepparttar 125238 beginning, you simply train Zeus as to what type of sites you are looking for, then you set him loose. He will crawl from site to site through links scanning sites and deciding if they meet your criteria. If they do, he adds them to his database and grabsrepparttar 125239 contact info.

Once you've acquired a good database of sites, Zeus will build you a directory of all ofrepparttar 125240 sites that met your approval separatingrepparttar 125241 directory into themes for easy navigation.

Once he has built your directory for you, he will email all ofrepparttar 125242 Webmaster's forrepparttar 125243 sites in your directory letting them know of their new links and requesting a reciprocal link in exchange for better placement in your new directory.

In no time, you will begin getting confirmations from Webmaster's who have added your link to their site. Voíla! Instant link popularity!

Not only are you on your way to creating stellar link popularity for your site, butrepparttar 125244 links pointing to you will be virtually permanent and from quality sites that are similar in nature to your own which will bring you qualified traffic!

There is simply no better method I have found for generating good, quality links to your site with a minimal amount of time spent.

For more information on Zeus, and all of his features visit

John Buchanan is the author of the book "The Insider's Guide to Dominating The Search Engines," and publisher of a FREE monthly newsletter "The Search Engine Bulletin." Visit him at for more information or to sign up for the newsletter

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