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InfoSystems – Info Systems offers a number of web-based interactive products.

Browse-N-Talk tm is a “Click to Call Me” button that, strategically positioned on a web page, allows visitors to click on it and immediately connect viarepparttar regular telephone to a customer support or sales person. Call Mail tm allows subscribers to send e-mails with a “Click to Talk to Me” button inrepparttar 109523 signatures. The recipient ofrepparttar 109524 e-mail clicks onrepparttar 109525 button and is immediately connected via regular telephone withrepparttar 109526 sender Vox2eMail tm is an indispensable tool for business travelers, managers, staff or customers. It allows them to send an e-mail with a voice message attachment from any touch-tone phone inrepparttar 109527 world. Pricing ranges from Free forrepparttar 109528 Vox2eMail service to various pricing structures forrepparttar 109529 other services.

Broadc@stHTML Broadc@stHTML from MailWorkZ is an email marketing software product that has fully integratedrepparttar 109530 Live Person technology. Customers using Broadc@st to create, manage and send email marketing campaigns can also includerepparttar 109531 “Click-to-Chat” button right within their email campaign.

Pricing is $249 to create and send multiple campaigns, each with up to 1000 emails, $795 to manage multiple campaigns of up to 10,000 emails, and $2495 to manage multiple unlimited size campaigns. Live Person costs are extra.

Karen Fegarty is co-founder of MailWorkZ. MailWorkZ is the producer of innovative e-marketing tools including Broadc@st, a leading email/bulk email marketing software tool and ezTrackZ online ad tracking. Claim your trial of Broadc@st today and trial ezTrackZ ad tracker at

My Emails Are Not Being Delivered. Black Lists and White Lists Explained

Written by Karen Fegarty

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Unfortunately, you really can't be 100% sure if you have been black listed. You may be on someone's black list and not even know it. There are, however, ways to check most ofrepparttar lists.

One way is to check your server log when sending your campaigns. You will often see an email bounce notice indicating thatrepparttar 109522 message has bounced because you are on a particular black list.

Many ofrepparttar 109523 major black lists also allow you to enter your IP into a form on their site. These checks will tell you whether you appear, or not, on their list.

A useful tool, isrepparttar 109524 Black List Monitor. - It automatically checks your IP against most ofrepparttar 109525 major Black Lists and tells you which ones you are listed on. It also gives you help in getting removed. All your IPs are constantly monitored for any changes, listings, or delistings.

But what is a White List and how can this help?

Many corporations and ISPs will create a white list. This is a list of trusted IP addresses that they feel confident will not send spam to their customers. If your IP is listed on a particular white list then your email messages will be delivered torepparttar 109526 destination email address. It is important for reputable marketers to work withrepparttar 109527 major ISP's such as AOL to ensure that you are on their white list. For most, it can be a lengthy process, but well worth your efforts.

Other third-party email certification programs now exist. Bonded sender is one such agency. By joining Bonded Sender, senders improve deliverability rates and differentiate their brand. Senders go through a formal application process, adhere to email standards and post a bond against potential complaints. Major ISPs such as MSN/Hotmail now check against Bond Sender's white list and allow these email to pass.

Knowing if you are on a black list, getting removed if you are and getting established on white lists is critical if you are email marketing. The more messages delivered equals more sales!

Author Karen Fegarty is with MailWorkZ the creator of Black List Monitor-- advanced service that continuously checks all the major blacklists for you, and then some. Don't be treated unfairly! Keep a handle on who may have you blacklisted. Get a free trial and find out more at

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