Written by John Rocco

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Finishrepparttar inside by caulkingrepparttar 100103 area ofrepparttar 100104 inside stop where it meetsrepparttar 100105 casing, andrepparttar 100106 point whererepparttar 100107 stop meetsrepparttar 100108 new frame. Fillrepparttar 100109 nail holes inrepparttar 100110 inside stops with caulk to hiderepparttar 100111 nail heads. Now it's time to finishrepparttar 100112 outside. A quality replacement window will either have a sloped frame to matchrepparttar 100113 slope sill, or it will come with an insert that fits underrepparttar 100114 new frame to fillrepparttar 100115 gap created byrepparttar 100116 sloping wood sill. If you buy a lower grade window that doesn't come with anything to fillrepparttar 100117 gap underneath, you can buy some wood trim to fillrepparttar 100118 space, or you can get a flat vinyl trim that attaches torepparttar 100119 face ofrepparttar 100120 bottom ofrepparttar 100121 new frame. The flat trim is available on my website underrepparttar 100122 "shop" tab. Once you coverrepparttar 100123 bottom gap, it's time to caulk whererepparttar 100124 outside blind stops meetrepparttar 100125 vinyl frame, and whererepparttar 100126 bottom gap filler meetsrepparttar 100127 wood sill.

That's it! You're done! You can buy accessories to cover your old wood sills with a vinyl wrap extrusion. That can also be found onrepparttar 100128 website underrepparttar 100129 "shop" tab. Next week we are going to start on replacing old aluminum windows.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978 To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978 To learn more, visit

Planning a Backyard Deck

Written by Dave Markel

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A home owner can buy computer programs that will enable them to design their own deck. This can be daunting for those with very little experience but if you work at it you can have something that you can build with.

Building Codes and local by-laws

When building you deck it is important to work with your local building department. In most areas you will need to have your deck plan approved and a building permit issued before you can start construction.

Your local building department will likely look forrepparttar following information.

•Overall deck size •Height offrepparttar 100102 ground •Position relative to property lines •Size and location of framing •Species of wood being used •Soil type •Method of connecting framing

Once your local building department is satisfied your plans meet code and local bylaws. They will then issue you a building permit, likely for a fee.

At certain stages ofrepparttar 100103 construction you will need to get a building inspector to do a site inspection. You will likely be informed of these inspections when you building permit is issued.

Now it is time to start building your deck.

Dave Markel is the author of "The All Wood Working Journal". He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their wood working skills. Visit his site at

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