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Much ofrepparttar installation process for a replacement frame isrepparttar 100092 same asrepparttar 100093 retrofit frame. But, there are a few differences. When you putrepparttar 100094 new window intorepparttar 100095 opening using a replacement frame, you don't haverepparttar 100096 flush fin holdingrepparttar 100097 frame in place. You and your helper have to holdrepparttar 100098 frame in place while you put a screw inrepparttar 100099 top center to supportrepparttar 100100 frame. Then, you can do your adjusting for a square condition. All ofrepparttar 100101 procedures onrepparttar 100102 inside will be exactlyrepparttar 100103 same, from hole plugs, to insulation, to trim and caulk. The outside is different. You have to applyrepparttar 100104 trim that was part ofrepparttar 100105 retrofit frame. Again, i preferrepparttar 100106 flat trim. Once again, you apply a bead of caulk torepparttar 100107 old frame,then measure and cutrepparttar 100108 top and bottom trim pieces. Applyrepparttar 100109 adhesive part ofrepparttar 100110 trim torepparttar 100111 vinyl frame, and letrepparttar 100112 other part contactrepparttar 100113 bead of caulk. Trim all four sides, then caulk again whererepparttar 100114 trim meetsrepparttar 100115 exterior material.

As you can see, it really doesn't matter ifrepparttar 100116 exterior of your home is brick, stone, siding, or stucco. You can install vinyl windows without having to damagerepparttar 100117 surrounding structure. We have step by step instructional videos for sale onrepparttar 100118 website at Next week we are going to start discussing sliding glass door replacement.

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit

If You Think Mold and Mildew Hibernate During The Winter, Think Again!

Written by Peter Chicarielli

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The worst-case scenario is mold that silently grows behind a wall, under flooring or above acoustical ceiling tiles. This type of mold growth is usually caused by a leak that wasn't repaired properly, or if it was repaired,repparttar surrounding area wasn't sufficiently dried or treated before covering it with new drywall, tile, etc. If any part of your house has water damage history, it should be inspected carefully.

There have been many newspaper articles and news reports about families being forced to move from their homes and school closings due to toxic mold. But despiterepparttar 100091 media hype, most ofrepparttar 100092 mold people encounter is usuallyrepparttar 100093 harmless, gross-looking variety.

The jury may be out on whatrepparttar 100094 health effects of certain types of mold are, butrepparttar 100095 fact is that there is usually a point of origin and mold growth is a fairly slow process. For those concerned about mold and mildew stains, here's a simple, four-step plan that should be followed all year long:

1) Inspect - Look for early signs of mold and mildew in places such as basements, shower areas, walls that house water pipes, ceilings, etc.

2) Repair - Fix plumbing leaks, drain clogs, roof leaks or poor bathroom ventilation that can encourage mold growth.

3) Remove - Treat emerging mold and mildew thoroughly with a powerful cleaning product such as InstaGone Multi-Purpose Stain Remover.

4) Restore - Once mold and mildew stains have been treated with an effective cleaning solutions such as InstaGone, letrepparttar 100096 area dry thoroughly, apply a mold resistant primer and repaintrepparttar 100097 area.

The use of long rubber gloves, non-vented goggles and a chemical respirator to limit your exposure to mold are recommended. If you have an area of mold larger than 3 feet by 3 feet, have severe allergies or have been experiencing symptoms such as headaches and difficulty breathing, it's best to avoidrepparttar 100098 health risk, and call a certified mold remediation specialist immediately.

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Peter Chicarielli is the president of InstaGone Consumer Products, the manufacturer of InstaGone Multi-Purpose Stain Remover and Quick-10 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. Mr. Chicarielli is a frequent QVC guest and the author of several articles on stain removal. For more information visit

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