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The benefits of having a professional, well-constructed web page are innumerable, but one ofrepparttar most important is that it creates a favorable first impression that will motivate your audience to read on. Internet audiences are a notoriously fickle lot -- if there is something about your web page that they don't like inrepparttar 134788 first 5 seconds, they will often go on to their next choice without waiting to see what it is that you have to offer.

3. Make it as easy as possible for your customers and potential customers to contact you. If your audience becomes interested in your product, but doesn't know how to contact you to order or to get additional information, then your web page has accomplished nothing -- except maybe create sales for one of your competitors!

It is a good idea to have an email account that is associated with your website and is available to your customers through your website. Remember that communication is power, and if you can't communicate easily with your customers, you are probably losing sales!

Web pages are a very effective way to market your business. However, it is important to understand that there are LOT of other people who have realized this, so there is a tremendous struggle to capture your potential audience's attention.

However, with just a little bit of forethought, you can make a web page that stands out and rises aboverepparttar 134789 competition!

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Let's Flash!

Written by Elmer Horvath

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Here is an example ofrepparttar Flash HTML script that you would need to add to your page:

Notice that there are both Object and Embed tags. The "Object" is for Internet Explorer andrepparttar 134787 "Embed" for Netscape. The parameters are referenced in both areas; and it is these parameters which allow you to do some customizing of your SWF file. The "movie" parameter referencesrepparttar 134788 SWF from your directory. You'll need to uploadrepparttar 134789 SWF file torepparttar 134790 same directory as your web page. (If you placerepparttar 134791 SWF file in a different directory, then you will need to showrepparttar 134792 path to that directory in this parameter -- something like "flash/super.swf" -- assuming "flash" isrepparttar 134793 name of that particular directory or folder.)

Withrepparttar 134794 "loop" parameter you can haverepparttar 134795 animation play once, or play continuously, by setting it to "false" or "true".

It's best to keeprepparttar 134796 "quality" parameter at "high" -- because it will look sharp and displayrepparttar 134797 smoothest in your browser.

The "bgcolor" parameter can be set to whatever hexadecimal (#FFFFFF format) color you need for your web design.

Now,repparttar 134798 "width" and "height" are not parameters inrepparttar 134799 same sense asrepparttar 134800 others -- but you can change these as well. Sincerepparttar 134801 SWF file is "scalable", you can make necessary changes andrepparttar 134802 animation will smoothly resize torepparttar 134803 new dimensions.

Either fixed pixel-based or flexible percentage-based dimensioning can be used. Fixed dimensioning (for example, width=300 and height=200) setsrepparttar 134804 size torepparttar 134805 exact pixel dimensions, just like you normally would with an image. However, percentage-based dimensioning -- for example, width =50% and height=50% -- makesrepparttar 134806 SWF automatically resize, proportionately, to any browser window size without any deformations. Now that's cool!

Believe it or not, that's about all you need to know to embed a Flash file into your web page once you have downloaded a free SWF file fromrepparttar 134807 Net. If you would like to explorerepparttar 134808 full capabilities of SWF, then take advantage of allrepparttar 134809 Flash and Webmaster resources. There is a wealth of information and free stuff available online and waiting for you!

If you want to create or experience more than just static web pages - SWF isrepparttar 134810 format. It is rapidly becomingrepparttar 134811 de-facto, online multi-media standard. Enjoy!

Elmer Horvath has been involved in web design for the past six years and is the creator and webmaster for:

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