INDIA - Govt notifies Draft Patent Rules

Written by P.M.George Kutty

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The draft rules have been published forrepparttar information of all persons concerned and likely to be affected thereby and to invite suggestions/comments which will be taken into consideration before finalization and notification.

The normal period for furnishing suggestions/comments being 30 days,repparttar 146842 last date for receipt will be 23 July 2005.

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India - Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005

Written by P.M.George Kutty

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嵩omputer software per se is not patentable, but in combination with or embedded in hardware is patentable.

感rovision of 'acceptance of specification' and its advertisement have been deleted.

感rovision for pre-grant and post-grant opposition torepparttar granting of a patent.

嫂pplication for patent will be published in Official Journal. At that time opposition can be made on limited grounds but hearing is not mandatory.

嫂fter grant of patent, opposition can be made within 12 months.

感rovision of sealing of patent omitted.

感rovision for acquisition of patent for public health purposes.

惹uit for infringement of patent cannot commence before date of publication of publication ofrepparttar 146704 application.

感enalties enhanced substantially.

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