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Although many scanner manufacturers claim that they haverepparttar most powerful scanner that offersrepparttar 119182 highest resolution, it is said thatrepparttar 119183 highest resolution is limited to only 600 spots per linear inch. There’s a way in proving this theory. Think of scanning a 600x1200 dpi. If measurement is based onrepparttar 119184 X and Y (horizontal and vertical) ofrepparttar 119185 square inch,repparttar 119186 output would either be a series of squares with some blank spots, or a square with overlapping spots. For non-uniform resolution such as these, scanners perform interpolation. Interpolation is a process whereby a software or firmware is needed to produce an extra pixel by sampling two pixels.

Grey-scale scanners and color scanners are different from flatbed scanners. They all contain CCDs, but CCDs in grey-scale and color scanners can differentiate between levels of light falling on them.

The bottom line here is that why do we have to consume a large amount of our computer’s memory if we can haverepparttar 119187 exact number of pixels without compromisingrepparttar 119188 quality. Not only that, we can also minimizerepparttar 119189 time spent for interpretingrepparttar 119190 data including those that we do not use.

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Outsourcing in China: Five Basics for Reducing Risk

Written by Steve Dickinson

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4. Product Quality and Payment Terms. The rule here is simple. Do not make final payment to your Chinese manufacturer until you are confident you will be getting an on time shipment ofrepparttar correct items and quantities atrepparttar 119181 quality standards you require. This usually means you must incur inspection costs in China and provide for a clear procedure for dealing with these problems as they arise. You must takerepparttar 119182 lead on this. You cannot depend onrepparttar 119183 OEM manufacturer to do this for you.

5. Use comprehensive OEM Agreements with each manufacturer. Small and medium sized businesses often enter into OEM manufacturing transactions with a simple purchase order. This is a mistake. The purchase order will protectrepparttar 119184 Chinese manufacturer, not you. Your protection depends on your securing a written OEM manufacturing agreement with each Chinese manufacturer with which you deal. The ideal OEM agreement will address all ofrepparttar 119185 issues discussed above while also addressing other basic legal issues such as jurisdiction and dispute resolution. This agreement should be in both Chinese and English, sincerepparttar 119186 Chinese language version will control in China.

Steve Dickinson heads up the international corporate group at the law firm of Harris & Moure (, where he focuses on assisting small and medium sized businesses with their international legal needs. Steve Dickinson is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has been doing business in China for more than twenty years. He can be reached at

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