IKANO Communications Secures $16.5 Million in Funding

Written by Debra Labelle

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About IKANO Stemming fromrepparttar classical Greek word meaning, “to enable,” IKANO isrepparttar 137035 market-leading enabler of private-label Internet services. IKANO partners with Internet Service Providers to help reduce operating costs, increase revenue and expand geographic reach/product offering. IKANO isrepparttar 137036 parent company of SISNA, one ofrepparttar 137037 nation’s original Internet Service Providers; Interhop/auracom, offering ISP franchises and consumer Internet services throughout Canada; and HOTSPOTZZ, one ofrepparttar 137038 largest private providers of Wi-Fi hot spots. IKANO served asrepparttar 137039 official network provider forrepparttar 137040 2002 Winter Olympic Games. For more information visit

About Hercules Technology Growth Capital Hercules Technology Growth Capital is a leading specialty finance company focused on providing growth capital to technology and life sciences companies at all stages of development. Hercules Technology investment professionals have 145 collective years of experience in venture capital, operating, specialized technology lending, acquisition finance and leveraged leasing experience. Hercules Technology has offices located in Palo Alto, CA.; Boston, MA.; and Chicago, IL. Additional information can be found at:

About the author Debbie LaBelle IKANO Communications Marketing & PR Director (801) 415-8076

MSN PPC Advertising Network Finally Debuts

Written by Joel Walsh

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What Microsoft's new advertising network means forrepparttar future Willrepparttar 136994 new MSN advertising network succeed where so many have failed? Or will it become a bloated, relatively uncompetitive product only supported by Microsoft's vast bulk? (Not that Bill Gates has ever fathered such a bastard child.)

There's a very good reason to believe thatrepparttar 136995 new advertising program bearsrepparttar 136996 seeds of its own destruction, thanks to a typically Microsoftian act of overreaching and obliviousness to public opinion. That bad seed isrepparttar 136997 same bad seed that has spoiledrepparttar 136998 fruits of so many internet marketing labors: behavioral and demographic targeting, which always seems to disagree with some people's stomachs, no matter how delicately it is arranged inrepparttar 136999 bowl. (Editor's note: too extended a metaphor? Well, website copywriters have egos, too, you know, just likerepparttar 137000 rest ofrepparttar 137001 web dev. community. At least you didn't have to sit through five minutes of flash animation to read this.)

Next: MSN PPC Advertising to Incorporate Demographic & Behavioral Targeting: Killer App. or Achilles Heel?

Microsoft's press release announcingrepparttar 137002 new MSN advertising program is also worth reading if you're that into this.

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