IKANO Acquires Assets of Two Texas-Based ISPs CookeNET and CompuWise Customers Access Expanded Range of Features.

Written by Debra Labelle

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Another notable free upgrade fromrepparttar existing services isrepparttar 141206 use of IKANO’s award-winning call center. Previously only available during select times duringrepparttar 141207 day, subscribers will now have access to live support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Awardedrepparttar 141208 “Call Center ofrepparttar 141209 Year Award” by Call Center Magazine, IKANO’s call center provides customer service, technical support, and billing assistance.

Aside fromrepparttar 141210 free additions to their services, subscribers will also haverepparttar 141211 ability to upgrade their existing dial-up accounts by purchasing PowerDSL, IKANO’s competitively priced nationwide DSL service. PowerDSL will give subscribers to benefit from a high-speed DSL connection while still using their original e-mail addresses, storage space, dial-up account, and other existing services.

“This transition will best suitrepparttar 141212 needs of everyone involved,” said Lynn Morgan, owner, Morgan Publishing. “Most importantly, our customers will be able to benefit fromrepparttar 141213 size and expertise of a company like IKANO.”


Stemming fromrepparttar 141214 classical Greek word meaning, “to enable,” IKANO isrepparttar 141215 market-leading enabler of private-label Internet services. IKANO partners with Internet Service Providers to help reduce operating costs, increase revenue and expand geographic reach/product offering. IKANO isrepparttar 141216 parent company of SISNA, one ofrepparttar 141217 nation’s original Internet Service Providers; Interhop/auracom, offering ISP franchises and consumer Internet services throughout Canada; and HOTSPOTZZ, one ofrepparttar 141218 largest private providers of Wi-Fi hot spots. IKANO served asrepparttar 141219 official data network provider forrepparttar 141220 2002 Winter Olympic Games. For more information visit

Director of PR and Marketing IKANO Communications 265 E. 100 S. Suite #245 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801-415-8451

Web Templates for Company or Commercial Use

Written by Johann Erickson

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Companies that want to introduce themselves with a “punch”, or make a bold statement while still presentingrepparttar executive level appearance, may utilize flash templates that can deliver a combination of sounds and visuals that add extra impact to an introduction, or promise of performance.

The advantage to using free web templates, is that you don’t need an in-house web designer, or HTML expert on staff. As long as you have a basic web page builder such as MS FrontPage, Go Live!, DreamWeaver, or HomeSite , plus a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photo Shop or Fireworks, you’re ready to publish.

Web templates are easy to use, and can be updated or changed as often as you wish. Keep your company inrepparttar 141205 forefront ofrepparttar 141206 market crush, by havingrepparttar 141207 latest news and developments on your site, minutes after you receive it inrepparttar 141208 office. Simply replace your old text, graphics or photos, andrepparttar 141209 news is onrepparttar 141210 Web.

Potential clients appreciate knowing that a company wants their business, and is willing to gorepparttar 141211 extra mile to get it. One way of showing that you’re customer-friendly, is to make your site easily navigated andrepparttar 141212 information readily accessible, by using free web templates that allow them to reachrepparttar 141213 data they are looking for with a minimum of fuss or searching.

If your business is important to you, make it look important. Use free web templates to reach out and touchrepparttar 141214 new, extended global market.

Johann Erickson is the owner of a site that offers free web templates.

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