Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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3. Is your listener results- or relationship-oriented? Spending any time at all with small talk may drive a results-oriented listener to distraction. Conversely, offering no small talk can push away a relationship-oriented person. Lead with their interest and then you can present your point, or your point-of-view.

4. How is your timing forrepparttar conversation you wish to have? If it could be in any way confrontative, be careful. Taking just five minutes to assess a situation prior to bringing up an issue can be very informative. Listen. Pick uprepparttar 101830 'climate' around your proposed listener. As withrepparttar 101831 philosophy of 'pick your battles', so, it is wise to pick your times to increaserepparttar 101832 probability of being heard.

5. Are you clear about what you wish to say? Wading into a conversation without clarity can find you drowning in misunderstanding quickly. Think aboutrepparttar 101833 outcome you wish to create before you open your mouth. This will help you temper and tailor your approach to reach your desired goal.

A quick way to measurerepparttar 101834 appropriateness of your communication is to ask yourself, "Am I willing to be spoken to inrepparttar 101835 way I am about to speak?" Ifrepparttar 101836 answer is 'Yes', proceed with assurance. Ifrepparttar 101837 answer is 'No', be very thankful you took that minute to think.

Communication can be tricky, but most tricks can be mastered.

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Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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There is no escapingrepparttar fact that you choose your attitudes and perceptions, your responses and behaviors. Your world would change miraculously if you took full responsibility for your own life. Imagine a world without blame, a world of empowered people, genuinely interested in one another, responsible and accountable!

>From today on, be one of those people. Take responsibility for your actions, perceptions, feelings and projections. Say so. Affirm it. "I take responsibility for everything I think, say, feel and do." Then, throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it!

Keep It in MIND!

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