Written by Bob McElwain

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Your Perfect Customer Comes First - Hold your focus on this person. Everything you write is as closely targeted as possible on this person's needs, hopes and dreams. If you can sustain this interaction,repparttar rest is just mechanics.

Talk With, Not To - Telling people what to do never works. Whether selling or providing information, your only hope is to persuade readers to buy your product or accept your point of view. In short, always talk *with* your Perfect Customer. Never talk *to* them.

Forget About Maybes - A common mistake on many sites isrepparttar 129555 attempt to please all visitors. It won't work. Talk and sell to your Perfect Customer, and nobody else. That is, never include even a comment in hope of converting maybes.

Use "I," not "We" - If you're just one person, stick to yourself asrepparttar 129556 subject. There is something pretentious, kind of phony, about a fellow who is a one man show speaking of himself as "we." It's as if he is trying to appear bigger or more important than he is.

Believe In Your Product - If you do, if you enthusiastically endorse it, your excitement will shine through. Conversely, if you don't believe in it, ditch it. Only professionals can sell in this circumstance. Lack of enthusiasm of itself will destroy your copy.

Never Offend Or Annoy - Offending people is always a deadend street, a truism that hardly seems worth mention here. I did so in order to point out that accumulated annoyances amount to offending. Seek to eliminate any copy that might annoy anyone.

Avoid U.S. Jargon - The Web is rapidly becoming an International marketplace. However, many outsiderepparttar 129557 U.S. who read English, are reading in a second language. U.S. jargon and slang really confuse such visitors. Use dollars, not bucks. Use men, not guys. "Behindrepparttar 129558 wood shed" has no meaning for those outsiderepparttar 129559 U.S.

Be Specific - Your writing will be stronger if all is aimed at making a very specific point clear. Only when accomplished, is it time to move on to another. "Stainless steel is an exceptional material," says little. If this isrepparttar 129560 point you want to make, break it down into parts that collectively explain whyrepparttar 129561 generalization is so.

Write As Fiction - The better I come to knowrepparttar 129562 Web,repparttar 129563 more convinced I am ofrepparttar 129564 parallels between writing a good story and a good page. Pace matters. And emotional impact. And there's more. Grab a book you like, and try to figure howrepparttar 129565 author sucks you intorepparttar 129566 next paragraph or page. If you can dorepparttar 129567 same with a web page, you'll have a winner.

Editing Is The Secret - Edit and rewrite as often as required. Ask any good writer, and they'll tell you that some of what they release has been edited and rewritten a dozen or more times. Editing isrepparttar 129568 key, really. The final result may only vaguely resemblerepparttar 129569 original draft.

Get A Second Opinion - While there may be little need to hire a professional editor, do ask at least one other person to read what you have written. If possible, ask them to read it out loud to you. If nobody is handy, record your work, then listen to it. Hold off on this until you feelrepparttar 129570 work is ready to go. There's too much error in draft copy for this to work well.

Be Clear, Straightforward, And Friendly

Hold torepparttar 129571 above in all you write, be certain you are speaking one-to-one with your Perfect Customer, andrepparttar 129572 results, given editing, will be sufficient. As you gain experience, you can improve from "sufficient" to "good." "Great" isrepparttar 129573 goal, but it certainly is not required.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success" and "Secrets To A Really Successful Website." For info, see Get ANSWERS. Subscribe to "STAT News" now! mailto:join-stat@lyris.dundee.net

Desiging the Virtual Press Kit

Written by Howard Hopkins

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First I created my cover using Paint Shop Pro 7. Most authors aren't virtual artists, though, so I would suggest picking your ebook cover as an opening page. Word allows you to insert a jpeg and a great cover grabs a reader's attention immediately. Forrepparttar next page, I used Word's WordArt feature. There are a number of fancy designs, but I would suggest selecting one ofrepparttar 129553 more subdued, professional looking patterns. I titled this page Howard Hopkins' Virtual Press Kit. Not particularly original but it getsrepparttar 129554 point across. Onrepparttar 129555 next page I placed my contact information, my email and webpage address. I would suggest not entering your mailing address, unless you have a post office box specifically for that purpose. Anyone in need of your mailing address can contact you through your email.

Onrepparttar 129556 next page I placed my bio.

Beyond that, I set up a section listing all my hardcover and paperback credits, then my ebook credits. I keep a number of pages after that for my print and ebook covers. Next, I inserted press releases for my most recent novels.

Last I offered an information section and samples of my artwork for covers, cards and postcards. I included some of my favorite works and pricing guidelines.

That's all there is to it. If you are skilled with graphics, then pretty it up in whatever way suits your style. If you have Acrobat, print it to PDF then research places that might be interested in seeing your work, perhaps local newspapers -- if you can findrepparttar 129557 local reporter's email listing inrepparttar 129558 paper, allrepparttar 129559 better. I got an interview this way.

For those who would like to see a virtual copy of my kit for ideas and set up feel free to download it at: http://howardhopkins.com/media.htm

Howard Hopkins is the author of six horror and western ebooks from Atlantic Bridge Publishing (www.atlanticbridge.net) under his own name and more than twenty print westerns under the penname Lance Howard. His novels can be purchased at bn.com,www.amazon.co.uk and amazon.com and he lives in Maine.

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