ICANN Registrar: Great promotion by is-domains

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

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Only companies from Iceland can register is-domains. A company from Iceland acts as trustee and is registeringrepparttar domain forrepparttar 108277 customer. The company from Iceland confirms, that you have all rights at these is-domains. Hans-Peter Oswald http://www.domainregistry.de/is-domain.html

CEO ICANN accredited Registrar Secura https://www.domainregistry.de/is-domain.html

Attention: You could loose your ru-domain

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

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of ru-domains sponsored by RIPN afterrepparttar termination ofrepparttar 108276 Second Level Domain Name Registration Agreements. All ru-domains registered before January 01, 2005 will be supported by RIPN till expiration date. To maintain and renewrepparttar 108277 domain name registrations of existing ru-domains it is necessary to transfer domains sponsorship to another active registrar.

If you do not want to loose your ru-domain, you should transfer it before January 2005 to ICANN Registrar Secura.(https://www.domainregistry.de/ru-domain.html).

Hans-Peter Oswald https://www.domainregistry.de/ru-domain.html

CEO ICANN Registrar Secura you can publish this article for free, it the author line and URL is mentioned

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