ICANN: Final Procedure for Designating Subsequent net-domains Registry Operator

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

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ICANN says, that a new registry forrepparttar net-domains will be appointed in March 2005 after a broad public discussion ofrepparttar 108279 proposals. In former times only provider could register net-domains. Nowadays anybody can register net-domains. Net-domains are very often registered by webmasters who see in their website(s) a kind of network. ICANN accredited registrar Secura is going on to register net-domains, independend ofrepparttar 108280 fact who will berepparttar 108281 new net-domains registry. Secura will get a new contract withrepparttar 108282 new registry, similiar torepparttar 108283 contract withrepparttar 108284 new org-domains registry, Public Interest Registry. Hans-Peter Oswald

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Great Promotion by At-Domains

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

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You can get also domains at .at, co.at and .or.at with special characters like , and .

The at-domains are not only accepted by search-engines in Austria, but at-domains are also accepted

by search engines in Germany and Switzerland.

As there is a set up fee, you have to pay atrepparttar first year 140 US-Dollars for parking your at-domains or 18O US-Dollars for registering and connecting your at-domains. Inrepparttar 108278 following years you have to pay only 80 US-Dollars per at-domain and year.

Hans Peter Oswald http://www.domainregistry.de/at-domain.html

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