IBS implements new generation cargo terminal operations system for Emirates

Written by Pradeep P. Suthan

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A multi-million dollar project with over 120 person years of effort, Chameleon's success could only be achieved through a spirit of co-operation and outstanding team work between ourselves and IBS. They createdrepparttar product to our specifications and worked with us in implementingrepparttar 133469 system forrepparttar 133470 two business units resulting in very smooth transitions for them. Asrepparttar 133471 project owner I could not have asked for more," added Akshay Shrivastava - Manager-Information Services, Cargo and Logistics, Emirates Group IT.

Special features enable data communication using mobile computers and handheld devices to improve flow control and piece-level tracking, and hence reduce operational errors. The system is expected to improve productivity and service levels by automatingrepparttar 133472 workflow, enabling paperless internal processes, and monitoring processes and performance. It also provides customers, suppliers and other partners direct control over logistics, processes and costs, while offering an advanced tool that boosts productivity and profitability - all of which will help Emirates to quickly boost its cargo revenue.

IBS recently partnered with Cendant Travel Distribution Services (TDS), a division of Cendant Corp. forrepparttar 133473 marketing of IBS's new generation Passenger Services System that has been designed to replace legacy technologies.

About IBS Software Services IBS Software Services is a world-class provider of software solutions torepparttar 133474 global travel, transportation and logistics industry. IBS has business operations in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, and Group companies operate out of USA (Atlanta), Europe (London), Middle East (Dubai), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and India (Trivandrum). IBS has a large offshore software production and competence development centre situated in India, which is SEI CMM Level-5 assessed, and ISO 9001:2000 and TickIT certified. The global clientele of IBS includes major corporations like British Airports Authority, Air Canada, Emirates, Dubai Airport, Swiss, Qantas, SITA, EDS, Shell, GulfShare, and Qatar Airways. More information about IBS can be found onrepparttar 133475 web at http://www.ibsplc.com.

Media Contact: Pradeep P. Suthan Head-Corporate Communications Tel: +91-471-2700080 Email:pradeeps@ibsplc.com

Head-Corporate Communications IBS Software Services (P) Ltd. NILA, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum 695 581, INDIA. Tel: +91 471 2700080 Fax: +91 471 2700078

Access Control List in .NET Framework

Written by Balaji

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To restrict access torepparttar users for certain resources of an application, a process of identifyingrepparttar 133468 users becomes a necessity. Authentication enables to restrict a user to accessrepparttar 133469 resources by certain ways. It could be a combination of a username and password, a digital certificate, a smart card or a fingerprint reader. The validity ofrepparttar 133470 information provided byrepparttar 133471 user helps identifyrepparttar 133472 user, so thatrepparttar 133473 user is provided access torepparttar 133474 requested resources. The process of successful identification ofrepparttar 133475 user implies thatrepparttar 133476 user is authenticated.

After identification ofrepparttar 133477 user is over,repparttar 133478 next step is to determine whetherrepparttar 133479 authenticated user has access torepparttar 133480 resources. The process of determiningrepparttar 133481 access torepparttar 133482 resources for a particular user is known as Authorization. In Windows based systems, resources have an Access Control List, which provides a list of users who have access to that resource. The list also specifiesrepparttar 133483 kind of access such as read, write, modify, and deleterepparttar 133484 resource, for each user. For example, if a user requests an ASP page,repparttar 133485 operating system checks whetherrepparttar 133486 user has Read access torepparttar 133487 page and ifrepparttar 133488 user has read permission, thenrepparttar 133489 operating system allowsrepparttar 133490 IIS to fetchrepparttar 133491 page. The IIS has authorization settings which enablerepparttar 133492 IIS to controlrepparttar 133493 access of resources by users. File Access Control Lists are set for a given file or directory usingrepparttar 133494 Security tab inrepparttar 133495 Explorer property page.

To access online version ofrepparttar 133496 above article, go to http://www.dotnet-guide.com/accesscontrol.html

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