I've Written An Article...Now What Do I Do?

Written by Livvie Matthews

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http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.marketing-seek.com http://www.makingprofit.com ==>Here you can list your e-zine, your e-book and affiliate programs as well as articles!

Join a free autoresponder and place your article on "autopilot" to be available 12-7 when someone would like to use your article. Try Getresponse.com or Sendfree.com

Place your article on your web site or create a page for listing your articles that are available by autoresponder. You will also want to create a 2nd autoresponder notice, a Thank You letter for using your article.

As you begin to write more and more articles and have more autoresponder addresses, create a list of your articles and make your list available by autoresponder also. For example readers can receive a list of my articles by sending an e-mail to mailto:articles-simplebiz@getresponse.com

Using your articles on autoresponder is a simple, yet powerful way to receive free publicity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Begin your article submit list. As publishers and web masters notify you they are using your article, add their e-mail address to your list of names of people who have published your article. Remember to send a thank you note to each person who sends you notice they are using your article. This builds great PR.

When you write your next article, send a copy for their consideration to be used in another issue. This is a win-win situation. The publisher doesn't have to go "looking" for a quality article to publish, yours is already there, and you have another article published!

I get just as excited today when someone notifies me they are using my article as I did when I first started writing! To see an article you have written in print on someone else's site or in their ezine is an awesome experience! That is a very high honor and compliment! I love it!

Now go ahead, you've checked it, tweaked it and checked it again. It's ready! Submit that article you've written because now, you know exactly ...What To Do!

Livvie Matthews, Internet business specialist, author and consultant, helps people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building relationships while building their business! Market Your Goldmine! http://www.simplebizpublications.com List of other articles of interest mailto:articles-simplebiz@getresponse.com Subscribe:mailto:subscribe@simplebizpublications.com

Become an Expert: Write Articles

Written by David McKenzie

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2. Articles published in some really big ezines. (greater than half a million subscribers) This can provide an instant large hit of traffic and sales.

3. Increased sales of my products. People buy from people they know and trust.

4. Joint venture opportunities that would not have come along if not for my articles.

5. A constant, regular stream of traffic to my web sites. By writing articles on a regular basis it ensures traffic to my sites never stops.

If you run an online business that is content rich and are not writing articles then you are probably missing out on increased visitors and sales.

Write articles regularly and you too can become an expert in your chosen field.

David McKenzie is offering a Free Email Course "5 Secrets to Making Money Writing Free Articles" ==> http://www.brisney.com/how-to-write-free-articles.htm Click now for your FREE course!

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