Iíve Got An Article To Submit, Now What Do I Do With It? (6 Tips)

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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Tip #3 Ė Make surerepparttar site is easy to use - Can visitors torepparttar 150161 site find articles quickly, or do they have to dig around? Iím sure youíve been to sites that have horrible navigation. The same is true for some article submission sites. When you get there, make surerepparttar 150162 articles are easy to find. If theyíre not, donít waste your time.

- Doesrepparttar 150163 site have a category list and search function? Make surerepparttar 150164 site has both, as some users will want to userepparttar 150165 categories, others will search, and still others will do both.

Tip #4 Ė Make sure itís easy to submit your article - Can you submit articles quickly and easily? Some require you to login, which is okay, because then you'll probably have an "author page" where you can add a bit more information about yourself, and people can find a list of all of your articles. However, ifrepparttar 150166 site makes you enter very much personal information, confirm more than once (most will require you to confirm your email address) or scan your fingerprint (haha, thatíll berepparttar 150167 day), you can probably skip them. You donít want to do that every time you want to submit an article, especially if youíre submitting to more than 5 directories.

- If they proofread your article, how long does it take? Some sites proof-read your articles, which is okay, as long as it doesn't take more than 24 hours for your article to be approved and made active on their site.

Tip #5 Ė Isrepparttar 150168 site popular? - Have many articles been posted inrepparttar 150169 past few weeks? Ifrepparttar 150170 site hasnít has submissions for a few weeks, or theyíre trickling in, chances are thatís because itís dead. Do keep in mind, though, that submitting to a brand new site is always great, because chances arerepparttar 150171 owner is promoting it as much as possible, which means great exposure for your articles.

Tip #6 Ė Do they offer a large list of categories? - How many categories do they have? Most sites have quite a few categories, or theyíre targeted to one area (like Internet Marketing). Thatís perfect. But if you come across a directory that isnít targeted, and doesnít have many categories, skip it. Publishers probably wonít pay it much attention because less categories means less targeting, and more articles to sift through to find what they want.

Congratulations you on choosing article writing to boost your online exposure! Itís an easy technique that, if done correctly, will more than pay forrepparttar 150172 time you spent writingrepparttar 150173 articles. Ok, now go out there and start submitting!

Jason is an Internet marketer and owner of Premier MicroSolutions, LLC. Submit your articles right now to http://www.Content-Articles.com - The Free Web Site Content Article Directory

Farm Expired Listings For Big Commissions

Written by Lanard Perry

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Plus, they have gone through a listing cycle and may be anxious to get on with their lives. But, as you know, or will soon learn, all listings aren't worth having.

As for me, I initially listed every property that I could; vacant land, single family homes, condo's, triplexes, mobile home parks, mobile homes, homes in top notch condition, fixer uppers, whatever.

And I got to feeling pretty darn good (and just a little smug) as my listing portfolio grew to more listings than I could manage.

So, I first hired a part time clerk/assistant to help me market my listings, then took on a newly licensed salesperson as a partner and splitrepparttar listing fees 50/50. Pretty soon my listing system was humming and I was averaging 1-2 listings a week.

I then had an army of agents working for me day and night, as almost all of my listings were inrepparttar 150160 Multiple Listing System. Working to get me paid, even when I was chaperoning field trips, getting a haircut, or just taking a day off!

That's what a good real estate listing system can do for you!

So, if you don't have a good listing system you should get one. After all, if real estate listings arerepparttar 150161 lifeblood ofrepparttar 150162 industry then how successful can you be without them?

Lanard Perry is the author of "Farming Expired Listings", a real estate listing system that shows Realtors how to average 1 or more real estate listings a week. Visit http://www.farmingexpiredlistings.com for a FREE Sample Chapter.

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