Hypnotized by the Crowd ... Lost in the forest of beliefs!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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How does one succeed? How does one live a fulfilling life? You cannot look to others forrepparttar answer as it is within yourself. We all have necessarily unique answers to our own questions because we all have a necessarily unique view ofrepparttar 122293 world, being, our own "experienced Universe".

Such a view requires "responsibility of decisions". We must be able to take responsibility for our own decisions in life. But, to do so, one must know what is at stake and what lies ahead. As such, we must be able to lay out a plan for success without doubt---a simple solution it is not. But, a reasonable and fulfilling solution it always provides.

Today, now, determine what is important in your life and what has been "out-lived". Look outside of your current belief systems and plan for a new life with modified beliefs toward that which "you" see as success. Indeed, your ultimate vision will change with growth and knowledge, but it is essential to get moving on your plan to "leaverepparttar 122294 rut behind". Move forward toward an ever successful vision and leaverepparttar 122295 old voices, based on past circumstances, behind. It is your life, isn't it? --- Aboutrepparttar 122296 Author ---

Edward B. Toupin is an author, publisher, life-strategy coach, counselor, Reiki Master, technical writer, and PhD Candidate living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books, articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from career success through life organization and fulfillment. Check out some of his recent print and electronic books as well as his articles covering various life-changing topics!

For more information, and to find out about his upcoming title on book publishing, e-mail Edward at etoupin@toupin.com or visit his site at http://www.toupin.com!

Copyright (c) 2004 Edward B. Toupin

Feng Shui Peach Blossom Romance Method

Written by John Mausolf

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To attract a Man: Use a Green spherical vase filled with White flowers.

To attract a Lady: Use a White spherical vase filled with Red flowers.

Make surerepparttar vase you use is spherical, not cylindrical and userepparttar 122292 right colour combination of fresh flowers and vase for your preference of partner!

To use this method: Once you have worked out your Earthly Branch Day Character, simply locaterepparttar 122293 vase and flowers within one ofrepparttar 122294 four sectors of your home as indicated inrepparttar 122295 following table. To work this out you will need to have a compass alignment of your home, and know whererepparttar 122296 gravitational centre point is. (These steps are covered in our free online course, at http://www.purefengshui.com ) Then simply placerepparttar 122297 vase and flowers anywhere withinrepparttar 122298 30 degree portion indicated for you below inrepparttar 122299 Peach Blossom Location Finder.

Peach Blossom Romance Location Finder

255° - 285°Zi / Rat - Chen / Dragon - Shen / Monkey 165° - 195°Chou / Ox - Si / Serpent - You / Rooster 75° - 105°Yin / Tiger - Wu / Horse - Xu / Dog 345° - 15°Mao / Hare - Wei / Sheep - Hai / Boar

Happy Hunting!

Trained and accredited under numerous Feng Shui Masters, John is now giving away his knowledge for free on his site at purefengshui.com!

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