Hypnotic Myths

Written by Rita Ballard

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§You cannot “get lost” while hypnotized. There is no place to “get lost” to. You do not leave your body or your mind behind and go off somewhere.

§No one can “put thoughts into your head” or make you do things that you would not ordinarily do. Your own core values cannot be violated by another; if, under certain circumstances, you could be moved to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, then a hypnotic suggestion to do so would not violate your core values.

§Others cannot take over or control your mind. Your mind has 2 components:repparttar conscious mind, which isrepparttar 126164 objective part, assists you in making daily decisions and analyzing data. The subconscious part is subjective, and this is where your creativity and abstract thinking lie. The subconscious is inclined to believe what you tell it. For instance, if you think something, then to your subconscious mind, that is so. It does not analyze facts; if you think it, then it accepts it as fact. If you think that others can control your mind, then for you, that is true. But only because you allowrepparttar 126165 idea to be a fact for you.

§Anyone can be hypnotized. What happens when you’re watching television and someone tries to get your attention? Have you ever been driving downrepparttar 126166 road, only to look around and see that you’ve gone much further than you thought? When you focus your concentration torepparttar 126167 point where everything else is screened out, then you are in a state of hypnosis. Hypnosis narrows your focus and concentration. You do that when you are intent in a conversation, or performing any activity that decreases your awareness of things outside of yourself.

Hypnosis is not a mystery. It is not evil, and it is not mind control. It is simply a way to temporarily bypassrepparttar 126168 rational mind in order to facilitate desired changes. Many, many people have successfully undergone hypnosis and achieved their goals.

Rita Ballard, GVA, C.Ht. is a licensed hypnotherapist and the owner of Healer's Helper, a virtual assistance business providing administrative support services to healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit www.healershelper.com Virtually Restoring Balance, One Task At A Time!

Gifted Adults and their Careers

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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And when gifted adults seek career guidance, they must filter feedback they receive from well-meaning advisors who are not familiar with their situation.

"Whoa! You're trying to be a jack-of-all trades and you'll end up a master of none."

"Wow! I've never seen anyone move as fast as you do. I'm sure you're going to be a success."

"You need to slow down."

"Focus on one thing at a time."

"I can't understand -- you need to focus."

"Boy, you're catching on fast! You must be well-suited to this field."

If you're gifted, you probably already have some idea that you're "different." Read a few books and articles. Browse websites. Understanding how you operate can help you avoid, "Why is this happening" questions and reach success on your own terms.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., author of Making the Big Move, offers straightforward career and business consulting to midlife professionals. *When your career means business" Your Next Move ezine: http://www.cathygoodwin.com/subscribe.html Website: http://www.cathygoodwin.com

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