Hypnosis and Spiritual Development

Written by Alan Tutt

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It is possible to create your own hypnotic recordings, and by doing this you also end up with a hypnotic session that is custom tailored to your exact goals. Using a recording device, such as a tape recorder, mini-disc recorder, or MP3 device, you can record a series of steps that you intend to follow while inrepparttar hypnotic state. This way, you can create your own hypnotic program that will help you acheiverepparttar 122194 exact results you want.

But what do you record to create a hypnotic session for spiritual development? Beyondrepparttar 122195 basics of directing yourself to relax your physical body, focus your mind through a series of steps to attainrepparttar 122196 level of focus required, andrepparttar 122197 ending sequence of coming back to normal consciousness,repparttar 122198 progression ofrepparttar 122199 working session can follow a number of different formats.

Spiritual growth and development takes many forms depending onrepparttar 122200 culture in which you live. The content ofrepparttar 122201 hypnotic session depends greatly onrepparttar 122202 belief system ofrepparttar 122203 person undertaking it. If you believe that spiritual growth takes place when you live according to a prescribed set of rules without deviation, then you would use hypnosis to instill a 'natural' tendency to live according to those rules. This isrepparttar 122204 same asrepparttar 122205 habit control usage of hypnosis applied to those habits seen as being spiritual. Your recording will be a series of statements such as "You enjoy ....." and "You will always .......".

If you believe that spiritual development takes place when you are able to make a strong connection to a higher power, then you would use hypnosis to find and controlrepparttar 122206 inner mechanisms responsible for making that connection. (Incidentally, this is my belief regarding spiritual development.) In this format, hypnosis becomes a 'practice session' for learning how to make that connection better and stronger. Your recording will generally be a guided daydream in which you takerepparttar 122207 actions which lead torepparttar 122208 stronger connection.

And if you believe that spiritual growth and development happens as you become more likerepparttar 122209 Supreme Being, then you would use hypnosis to create whatever internal changes that need to happen to bring yourself closer to that state. This format of hypnosis is a combination ofrepparttar 122210 other two formats.

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The Power Behind 'Mini-Prayers'

Written by Alan Tutt

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Here are a few general-purpose affirmations that may be used to improve your life in all areas. One ofrepparttar most famous affirmations was developed by a French scientist byrepparttar 122193 name of Emile Coué, which is "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Here are a few others.

"I am One withrepparttar 122194 Universal Mind Power, and so being, I am One with Universal Success. All ideas for my personal success come to me fromrepparttar 122195 Universal Mind in a way that is certain for me to see. I am constantly guided to dorepparttar 122196 right thing, sayrepparttar 122197 right thing, and be atrepparttar 122198 right place atrepparttar 122199 right time."

"I am Powerful. There is Power in everything I do."

"Wealth comes to those who serve others."

"I am more valuable than I think I am."

"When I'm excited about what I do, others will get excited too."

"The only failure in life isrepparttar 122200 failure to try."

"I am divinely blessed, and my blessings grow every day."

"As I breathe in, I bring myself closer to God and His absolute Power. As I relax intorepparttar 122201 Power of God, I am connected intorepparttar 122202 matrix of creation. I can now setrepparttar 122203 course of events in my life. The results of my creation bring me much happiness."


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