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Written by Steven A. Harold

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Our perceptions are, more often than not, based on our past conscious and subconscious experiences. They are our way of analysing what happens around and enabling us to deciderepparttar implications for us. When experiencing anything, our minds will very quickly comparerepparttar 146459 current experience to past experiences and, these past experiences will indicate how we should react to this current experience. If we have had a bad experience that seems very similar torepparttar 146460 current experience, we will feel in a similar way torepparttar 146461 feeling we associated with that past bad experience.

So our perceptions are based on past experiences (mostly).

Once we realise this, we can take control of our perceptions and change them particularly when you accept how incorrect our perceptions can be. We have all hadrepparttar 146462 experience of perceiving someone or some situation in a particular way, only to realise that we got it completely wrong. With this in mind, although our perceptions are a form or protection and are meant to enable us to weigh up a situation quickly, they can also be wholly inaccurate.

Positive and healthy self-confidence begins by accepting that your perception of yourself may just be wrong. For instance, some friends will be astounded when someone announces (may be on a drunken evening), how they feel they have such low confidence. These friends will say will all sincerity that they find this hard to believe as they always appear confident and in control. Yet that person will still insist that they lack confidence. Obviouslyrepparttar 146463 signals that they are externalising are notrepparttar 146464 same as those that they are internalising. Oftenrepparttar 146465 person who appears to berepparttar 146466 most confident and out-going will have terrible doubts and internal conflicts. The external bravado will be they way of masking how they feel inside.

Good, strong and healthy self-confidence begins by admitting and accepting more evidence of what you can and do well. It also begins by accepting as true those positive and complimentary comments made to you. Inrepparttar 146467 past you may have dismissed a positive comment that was said to you because you didn't know how to handle it. You may even have made a joke of it or tried to dig uprepparttar 146468 tiniest fragment of evidence as to why you don't deserve such praise. Many people say something like this 'Oh, it was nothing'.

How can you possibly retain healthy self-confidence if you always dismiss or undermine your achievements? You can't, so decide from today not to do it. In fact decide from today to say just two words when some one says something nice or complimentary about you or something you have done. These two words are 'thank you'. Try it out next time and see how you feel about it. It will help you start to feelrepparttar 146469 confidence that has always been they’re waiting for you.

The use of a Self Confidence self hypnosis cd can helprepparttar 146470 mind to absorb positive suggestions for change. Changes in perception and behaviour are also encouraged.

There are other aspects to gaining healthy self-confdience which will be disussed in another article.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Self Confidence help

The Meaning of Life - Not just another dust in the wind theory.

Written by John Dyer

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That is when something inside me clicked. It was more like an explosion or an awakening of sorts. The meaning of life was so simple that I had looked right past it thinking that it would be some big discovery of some sort. Some words of wisdom that would make me look like a genius. Instead three words kept going through my brain. Thundering as if God himself was speaking them directly into my thoughts.

We spend our entire lives fromrepparttar moment we take our first breath til our last one is used up trying to be something we aren't. Whether we are trying to get a job by seeming more experienced or trying to win someones heart by becomingrepparttar 146372 person they are looking for. We act differently in different situations. Why?

It is in our nature I suppose or at leastrepparttar 146373 nature ofrepparttar 146374 flesh. But God's nature is to berepparttar 146375 same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And since we are to strive to be more "God-like", which I used to think meant to try to be perfect, thenrepparttar 146376 meaning of life is nothing more than to "JUST BE YOU!"

Yep, it is just that simple. Be you no matter what happens or where you are or who you are with or what you are trying to achieve. If you can do this you will be something thatrepparttar 146377 majority of people will never be. Good, bad or indifferent you will Just Be You.

John Dyer is the owner of: thisonlinepage.com T.H.I.S stands for Truth Honesty Integrity Sincerity Something the author has found too little of online.

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