Hybrid Tea Roses

Written by Ken Austin

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  • ‘La France’ wasrepparttar first hybrid tea rose grown in 1867 by a French nurseryman, Jean-Baptiste Guillot. He cross-bred two old garden roses and developed an entirely new kind of rose.

  • Hybrid tea roses should be planted 18 to 36 inches apart or they can be planted with other flowers in large pots.

  • There are hundreds of choices when looking for hybrid tea roses. Choices can be made by color, names or fragrance. There are hybrid tea roses named after famous people including presidents and their wives.

  • The very first tea rose was a cross between a China rose and Rosa gigantea. These plants are more bushy thanrepparttar 113345 hybrid tea rose butrepparttar 113346 well-shaped flower buds remind us of today’s modern hybrid tea roses. Tea roses come in shades of white, pink and yellow.
  • Start thinking about adding a tea rose or hybrid tea rose to your garden this year.

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    Growing Roses

    Written by Ken Austin

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  • Mulching keepsrepparttar water in andrepparttar 113344 weeds away. Mulching is a very good idea when growing roses. Mulch inrepparttar 113345 early spring when you removerepparttar 113346 protective coverings from winter. If you live in a warmer climate spreadrepparttar 113347 mulch just beforerepparttar 113348 roses start to leaf out.

  • Learnrepparttar 113349 kinds of nutrients your roses need and follow a specific fertilizing program. When growing roses it is important to testrepparttar 113350 pH of your soil. Ifrepparttar 113351 pH is rightrepparttar 113352 roots can interact withrepparttar 113353 enzymes and bacteria inrepparttar 113354 soil and do well withrepparttar 113355 natural nutrients andrepparttar 113356 ones you add. The pH can be between 5.6 and 7.2 however 6 to 6.5 is best. By testingrepparttar 113357 soil you will know which nutrients to add.

  • Learn how to prune your roses. Pruning keepsrepparttar 113358 roses healthy and looking good.

  • Prevent pest and disease problems before they happen. Learn how to control pests and choose safe pest control products.
  • Growing roses is a delightful hobby and not nearly as complicated as you might have heard.

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