Hybrid Mexican food is hot on the menu in Charlotte NC

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As mexican is my favorite, and having eaten it in Tucson, AZ ive seen that authentic is generally better….this is an nice exception. Everything was very fresh, andrepparttar flavor with different and very good on both of my visits. The portions are immense and evenrepparttar 149446 students must have trouble finishing on most visits.

With prices areound 14-18$ for 2 people (with drinks) its a step above fast food there too, but worth it on occasion.

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A fresh view of Charlotte nightlife - Mexican food

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The food has always had too much black pepper, and we have been eager to just grabrepparttar chef and shake him and say please less pepper! and eveything would be right.

The food also is clearly prepared earlier inrepparttar 149445 day, since is has been a bit dry and not quite right on most visits. This is not to lead you not to visit, since I think it is a decent quality meal, low prices (7-12 a plate), and exceptional service.

If you go, getrepparttar 149446 platter I reccomend, and enjoyrepparttar 149447 service since it is what makes this a decent place for lunch or dinner with a date.

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Charlottecritic.com is the new voice of a long time food critic from south Florida. As a degree of anonymity is needed when providing an honest outlook in this field, Charlottecritic remains somewhat unknown.

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