Humility, Humor, and Humanity

Written by Stephanie West Allen

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Two ofrepparttar excellent hum words are illustrated by these stories -- humility and humor. Humility and humor are interconnected. One sure way to see their relationship is repparttar 123879 I Can Laugh Now phenomenon.

Have you ever had something happen to you that seemed awful atrepparttar 123880 time but now, as you look back at it, you say, I can laugh now . . . The time betweenrepparttar 123881 supposed awful event andrepparttar 123882 I Can Laugh Now is much shorter for a person with a good sense of humor than for those living inrepparttar 123883 Drama Zone.

People with a sense of humor can watch themselves and laugh at their own trials and tribulations. They have humility. Because they can laugh, they have hope for themselves, others and our often crazy world.

The deadly serious people inrepparttar 123884 Drama Zone,repparttar 123885 ones who almost never say, I can laugh now . . ., often have no hope and thus may not honorrepparttar 123886 glorious strength of humanity --repparttar 123887 human spirit. Humility, humor, humanity -- wonderful, hmm?

And Today . . .

Today make yourself an I CAN LAUGH NOW notebook. Write down allrepparttar 123888 stories of your times of trial and tribulation about which this day you say, I can laugh now . . . Add to it asrepparttar 123889 days go by. Laugh as you write. Remember how good laughter is for you and laugh some more.

Shortenrepparttar 123890 time between trying events and I can laugh now . . . so your book of stories can grow faster. When you shortenrepparttar 123891 time, your sense of humor will grow, too.

Tell your stories to others, lots of others, and you can bet they will laugh with you. Some ofrepparttar 123892 best humor comes from I Can Laugh Now stories. Your I CAN LAUGH NOW notebook will be a gift to yourself and to other people in your life. Can you hearrepparttar 123893 giggles now?

And can you feel your angel wings sprouting as you take yourself lightly?

Stephanie West Allen, JD, is the author of _24 7 This! The Merry Method To Accelerate Success_. Excerpts at She coaches people in using the two Merry Maxims, WYTUG (What You Think Upon Grows) and LULU (Loosen Up, Lighten Up), to achieve health, wealth, creativity, and harmonized relationships. Contact her at

So You Want to Be A Speaker?

Written by Cathleen Fillmore

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A few months later, I quit my job, packed up my car, kissed my grown kids and friends goodbye and moved to a different part ofrepparttar country to try my luck as a writer or speaker. It was a little unnerving to takerepparttar 123878 plunge in such a dramatic way but Id been wanting to do it for a long time and finally, it was sink or swim time!

Well, I was initially so nave about business and had so much to learn aboutrepparttar 123879 speaking profession that I certainly got dunked many times. I did everythingrepparttar 123880 hard way and its one way to learn quickly. Ultimately, I thrived doing what I love to do. Because I was happier, my health immediately improved along with my outlook on life.

Speaking to large groups of people has never come easily to me. Its a myth that speakers are extroverts. Im not. Im pathologically shy, yet somehowrepparttar 123881 fact that I believe I have something to share gives merepparttar 123882 impetus I need to plow right throughrepparttar 123883 shyness and not only get up on stage but love it!

The route I chose was kind of hair-raising and wouldnt necessarily work for everyone but there are many ways to get into professional speaking which I share with you in my book, Speaking for Money. You chooserepparttar 123884 right route for you!

Cathleen Fillmore is owner of Speakers Gold, a proactive speakers bureau.

Cathleen Fillmore is President of Speakers Gold, the pro-active speakers bureau. To purchase the e-book Speaking for Money, visit For a free subscription to an online marketing newsletter for speakers, send any email to

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