Humble Riches

Written by Deirdre Maigread McEachern

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I thought to myself, "Ah ha! This is as close to a quiet, contemplative moment as I'm likely to get all day. I feel mostly content -- I have a few worries about my work day but nothing so demanding as to stop me from taking this moment to enjoyrepparttar view nature is offering to me."

I continued watching asrepparttar 138955 bright sunlight caughtrepparttar 138956 edges of some ofrepparttar 138957 clouds and not others. The scene changed from moment to moment in front of my eyes, never to be repeated in exactlyrepparttar 138958 same way again. White, Blue, Green. White feathery clouds, blue skies and green trees. It was beautiful.

While gazing at this scene, my thoughts shifted to what a warm and sunny day it was and how lucky I was to have such good weather for my trip intorepparttar 138959 city. I couldn't have asked for a better day for walking between bus stations and T stops and my various meetings. Starting to feel gratitude forrepparttar 138960 good things inrepparttar 138961 day, I effortlessly let go ofrepparttar 138962 tension I had been holding aboutrepparttar 138963 schedule of obligations laid out before me. I was able to sit back and literally, enjoyrepparttar 138964 ride. I felt blessed by life’s humble riches.

Think of this article as permission to give your self a few much deserved breaks of Momentary Contentment this month. Why not noticerepparttar 138965 world around you and revel in its wonders, call an old friend you haven't talked to in a while, or take a half an hour to do something you love?

Lucky you, these riches are yours forrepparttar 138966 taking. Enjoy!

Deirdre Maigread McEachern is an experienced writer, speaker and personal coach who works one-on-one to help her clients find their ideal career and create more balance in their lives. You can contact Deirdre at 207-439-4280, or sign up for her free e-newsletter at

Telephone Job Interview Prepartion Tips

Written by Nathan Newberger

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5. FIND YOUR LOCATION Stake out a quite space to occupy during your interview. Ideally, there should be a comfortable place to sit as well as a table to lay out your papers. Try and find a low-traffic spot where members ofrepparttar household are un-likely to disturb you.

6. ORGANIZE YOUR PAPERS Have a copy of your resume and cover letter close at hand. Take out those lists you made while organizing your thoughts. In addition keep any notes related torepparttar 138954 company that you feel may be helpful duringrepparttar 138955 call. Spread these items out across your table so they are easy to access. Only keep what is truly necessary. Too much paper can be a distraction.

7. GATHER YOUR WRITING TOOLS Place a notepad and several pens or pencils onrepparttar 138956 table. These will be helpful in writing down notes, questions and most importantly, your interviewer's names.

8. ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS Asrepparttar 138957 appointed hour draws near, make sure thatrepparttar 138958 television andrepparttar 138959 radio are turned off. Exit your email and turn off your computer screen. If possible, disable your call-waiting. Let your family or roommates know aboutrepparttar 138960 timing ofrepparttar 138961 interview so they do not accidentally disturb you. Place a do not disturb sign on your door as a gentle reminder.

=================================================== CONCLUSION =================================================== By following these 8 basic tips, you are making a great impression and on your way torepparttar 138962 onsite interview. Remember,repparttar 138963 phone interview is very important and you should plan and prepare for it carefully.

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Sincerely, Nathan Newberger, Managing Editor

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