Human Genome and Mayan Calendar

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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By comparingrepparttar human genome torepparttar 146500 genome of simpler organisms likerepparttar 146501 fly andrepparttar 146502 worm, scientists are also seeing with unprecedented detail how just a handful of genetic innovations helped launch early vertebrates ahead ofrepparttar 146503 biological pack hundreds of millions of years ago.

For allrepparttar 146504 evolutionary creativity that led torepparttar 146505 human race, genome scientists said, there is shockingly little variation from person to person. Aroundrepparttar 146506 globe, they are all about 99.9 per cent genetically identical. (10)

Do you think there is more we will learn about how white men came to be, or how many hominids there have been as modern as us? There appears to be a great deal of information available in our genes. Could they be a computer access code thatrepparttar 146507 soul commands? I thinkrepparttar 146508 akashic and cosmic energy is consciously swimming around and inside all life. The NASA scientists say life is everywhere and I say love is there too. If only we allow ourselves to feel and sense its' all encompassing warmth that permeates every void and fills every rock. The shamans made their drugs by attunement and receiving direction fromrepparttar 146509 plants and rocks. Jung's archetypes are very much connected torepparttar 146510 genes which carry our past. Perhaps Jesus and his 'living father within' are closely connected to enable us through our genes. The mystics sayrepparttar 146511 genes receive instruction fromrepparttar 146512 soul and spirit. Our archetypes orrepparttar 146513 lattices of 'one-dimensional harmonic force' with all 11 M-branes in each and every atom, coordinate in our solar bodies as well as our dross physical bodies. It is ludicrous to think we know all about consciousness orrepparttar 146514 soul, and most people live in ignorance or deny its' essence.

The trips we can take as we allow our soul to infuse our solar body and consciously travel are awesome. They are no more hallucinatory thanrepparttar 146515 grimace onrepparttar 146516 face ofrepparttar 146517 professor who denies these ideas. The poets and minstrels of yore were able to carry our imaginations torepparttar 146518 nether regions as we began to dance in harmony with nature. The forces of nature have coherence and meridians or lattices and vectors that allowrepparttar 146519 functioning of all that is so magnificent. We have tried to place ourselves above nature and we will (hopefully) never achieve that all too egotistical pursuit. These forces are there to welcome us as we stand onrepparttar 146520 cliff contemplating a dive. Viktor Hugo wrote a wonderful appreciation of Shakespeare that I love to quote. He likened our observation of Shakespeare to standing on this cliff and looking out to "Glimpserepparttar 146521 waves ofrepparttar 146522 marvellous!" Each time we return to read his plays we experience greater depths and return to that cliff and take one step further down as we're drawn closer torepparttar 146523 all embracing reality ofrepparttar 146524 waves inrepparttar 146525 cosmic ocean that awaits us in connected beauty uponrepparttar 146526 end of our journey.

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Fire Walkers #2

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I was wearing on my right ankle--the one I had sprained at Angkor-- an Ace bandage, which it took me a while to undo. This made merepparttar last onrepparttar 146068 line, butrepparttar 146069 flames were still leaping up high betweenrepparttar 146070 logs-- say, some eight or ten inches. The two youngsters just in front of me dashed across as fast as they could, but I decided to take my time and see what it really was like to walk on a wizard's fire. My first step, with my right foot, was a bit timid, and a bit off torepparttar 146071 side, where there were no leaping flames. But then I thought, 'Well now, come on!' and seeing a nice fat flame right in front, I put my left foot down on top of it, squarely. Crackle! The hairs onrepparttar 146072 lower part of my leg were singed and a pleasant smell of singed hair went up all around me, but to my skinrepparttar 146073 flame was cool--actually cool. This gave me great courage, and I calmly completed my walk, strolling slowly and calmly right downrepparttar 146074 center ofrepparttar 146075 road. Three more steps brought me torepparttar 146076 end, andrepparttar 146077 hands of several Yamabushi helped me off. I went back to our seats, andrepparttar 146078 two ladies in our group were gasping at what I had done. I went out to one ofrepparttar 146079 water tubs to wash my feet and get into my socks and shoes- -and it was only when I was putting on my right shoe that I noticed thatrepparttar 146080 swelling in my ankle had gone down {The day might come when we see healers at work with sports personnel.}: allrepparttar 146081 pain had disappeared too. Aroundrepparttar 146082 remains ofrepparttar 146083 fire inrepparttar 146084 center ofrepparttar 146085 area a lot of little old women were standing who had gone overrepparttar 146086 fire, holding their hands out torepparttar 146087 burning cinders and then rubbing their poor, aching backs--dear souls. It had certainly been a great and wonderful event. The courteous gentleman was greatly pleased that I had participated and invited us all to come back someday. We gathered our things and presently strolled away.

{The notes say he was told a month later thatrepparttar 146088 layout ofrepparttar 146089 fire had much to do with whyrepparttar 146090 smoke behaved as it did. The authors ask a good question. Why make believe it was magic and not tell people? This isrepparttar 146091 way of power and manipulation butrepparttar 146092 fire work they did was already most impressive, so one might allow they simply thoughtrepparttar 146093 smoke was a part ofrepparttar 146094 ritual and notrepparttar 146095 real point anyway.}

Two days later Joseph wrote to Jean aboutrepparttar 146096 event: 'When you come to Tokyo I'll show you three cute little fire holes inrepparttar 146097 suit, which I shall wear henceforth with secret knowledge.--The next day (22nd) I walked some eight or ten miles at Nara and Horinji--andrepparttar 146098 ankle is still good.'

Shortly after Jean had received her letter, she got a phone call from Aldous Huxley, who wanted to speak to Joseph. Jean, still full ofrepparttar 146099 excitement ofrepparttar 146100 account, told Huxleyrepparttar 146101 whole story, how Joe was in Japan and had just firewalked. Huxley became excited and told his friend Gerald Heard, also interested in magic andrepparttar 146102 paranormal, who later contacted Campbell to get his firsthand account ofrepparttar 146103 experience.

Campbell later learned that Fu-do Myo-o,repparttar 146104 name ofrepparttar 146105 patron deity ofrepparttar 146106 temple where he had seenrepparttar 146107 'Ceremony, means 'very still, even in fire,' Sometimesrepparttar 146108 god is depicted as a red figure sitting in a fire, with one eye open and one eye closed, likerepparttar 146109 Norse deity Odin. Japan had already shown Campbell its artful surfaces, now she showed her mythic depths. (12)

What a bunch of weirdos believing in such trash! No wonder Huxley and Campbell arerepparttar 146110 epitome ofrepparttar 146111 New Age that wishes to get back to what Australian aboriginal adepthoods or nature-worshippers alloverrepparttar 146112 world remind us is our true roots. Here in places where no journalists or empire builders have pollutedrepparttar 146113 human environment we find talent and discipline that took hundreds of thousands of years to refine and yet science today has no explanation.

Doesrepparttar 146114 consciousness withinrepparttar 146115 atoms ofrepparttar 146116 body choose to be there? Bucky Fuller writes thatrepparttar 146117 finely crafted wood in an artisan's sculpture or furniture is there because it chooses this in some manner that involves us or our design leaderrepparttar 146118 soul. The ability of these atomic level consciousnesses to be worked with inrepparttar 146119 case ofrepparttar 146120 healing fire is greater than most firewalkers and indicates a cross matter communication. It is one thing for affinity to exist inrepparttar 146121 muons separated atrepparttar 146122 old Inco nickel mines in Sudbury, to communicate. When one is energized,repparttar 146123 other moves; it was reported inrepparttar 146124 last year or so. It is another level entirely when these atomic and conscious forces do so almost independently with other bodies and kinds of matter they have no apparent innate similarity to. As inrepparttar 146125 case of de-materializationrepparttar 146126 atoms ofrepparttar 146127 body are released fromrepparttar 146128 intellectual and other bonds we place upon them through whatever holds us and keeps us from knowingrepparttar 146129 beauty ofrepparttar 146130 next realms; or what we are part of (inrepparttar 146131 multi-dimensional soul, or as reported in past lives). If we really try to find explanations they are there! The conscious specialness humanity carved out for itself through ego and ignorance is not so great as those materially focused people would like it to be; and that begsrepparttar 146132 question ofrepparttar 146133 great bard himself! 'To be or not, to be?' And where you placerepparttar 146134 punctuation allows a lot of different points of view in this question especially when you placerepparttar 146135 concept of righteousness afterrepparttar 146136 last word by saying 'To be or not to be, Divine?'

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