Human Conditioning, Stress Management and Music

Written by Bill Reddie

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If this statement is true, then another reason we have difficulty dealing with stress has been exposed. Excluding a direct threat to our lives, it suggests that we allow stressful situations to provoke aberrant fears of losing something, exposing something, or fear retribution for having done something. The oddity is our seeming inability to consciously recognize this when it is happening.

Conditioning influences our interpretation of everything we see, hear and project torepparttar outside world and yes, it even influences our choice of music. Generally, we are not aware that we live our lives according torepparttar 144225 beliefs, opinions and prejudgments of others, (peer-pressure among teenagers is one example) nor do we realize that by accepting these viewpoints, we are perpetuating them.

Thus we place ourselves in a loop wherein we often repeatrepparttar 144226 same mistakes over and over.

Now here'srepparttar 144227 good news: It is possible to break out ofrepparttar 144228 loop when one realizes that (a) over-reaction to stress does not work and (b) there must be a better way - and then takes action by proceeding to summonrepparttar 144229 courage, stamina and discipline to search out and revealrepparttar 144230 truth according to fact. In this way one begins to take responsibility for one's own actions.

Aw, do I have to do that?

Accepting responsibility isrepparttar 144231 first step we take onrepparttar 144232 road to a less stressful and more productive existence. By taking control of our lives, we'll sometimes move againstrepparttar 144233 grain ofrepparttar 144234 status quo and because of that, we'll most likely meet a measure of resistance alongrepparttar 144235 way. But if we persist in our quest for fact and truth, our ability to deal constructively with stress will become much easier.

There will be times when we may slip and fall back intorepparttar 144236 old ways - meaning, whenrepparttar 144237 pressure of stress becomes too much to handle,repparttar 144238 general tendency will be to get into someone's face, blow off steam, antagonize imagined enemies, or worse - meekly swallowrepparttar 144239 problem and risk a bigger stomach ache inrepparttar 144240 near future.

Sure, that's quite a bumpy, cumbersome and questionable way to move forward and a lot of people bearrepparttar 144241 scars to prove it. Nonetheless we usually end up learning something from our stressful encounters and when we don't - well, we've fallen back intorepparttar 144242 loop. If that happens, its not a disaster. It just means we haven't quite gotten a handle on how to respond to stress in a constructive manner.

A friend once commented, "If you don't want to be crucified, don't hang around crosses". That simple logic may also be applied to stressful conditions. For example, we must learn to recognize and walk away from dead-end situations that are beyond our ability to improve. Next, we must fully understand that resolution of stressful conditions does not come about from trying to change others. Instead, we must change ourselves.

We may stumble, bruise egos and make mistakes but however inept our approach, if we persist in our search forrepparttar 144243 facts or truth in all situations, we'll eventually learn how to live our lives in a more efficient and productive manner.

Help is out there

Fortunately, there are tools and methods that can help lightenrepparttar 144244 load as we optimize our chances for a less stressful tomorrow.

Among them are inspiring books by authors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others that may provide a better understanding of oneself. Employing one ofrepparttar 144245 various methods of meditation may also work. Whenrepparttar 144246 need is acute, seekingrepparttar 144247 guidance of a professional counselor may be an appropriate choice.

Of course, music is one of those tools mentioned above. One ofrepparttar 144248 nice things about music is its synergistic quality - it often works well as an adjunct to other stress management tools or methods. When we introduce music torepparttar 144249 conditioning / stress management equation, some interesting and unexpected results may occur.

For example, when listening to properly crafted music, it is sometimes possible to by-pass one's conditioning temporarily. When this happens,repparttar 144250 listener may experience strong feelings of freedom, inner peace, and a profound sense of well-being. In other words,repparttar 144251 exact opposite of stress.

We're speaking here of major changes in perspective. Consciousness may become altered torepparttar 144252 extent that conditioned reaction becomes temporarily suspended. Some may describe their musical experience as 'spiritual'. Others may have meditated on a particular personal problem and see it in such clarity thatrepparttar 144253 necessary corrective action becomes obvious.

At times, people may be moved to tears. Others may find it difficult to put their experience into words. In some cases,repparttar 144254 combination of empathy, understanding and emotional release can be life-changing and yes, there will be a few times when a listener may be so rigid and structured as to be unable to get in touch with their own feelings.

Whateverrepparttar 144255 response,repparttar 144256 point to remember is this: It isrepparttar 144257 energy of music that initially helps to unlock and openrepparttar 144258 door - that we might enter a place where peaceful reflection will allow us to sort out things and possibly develop a new, more positive and constructive perspective.

You mean, It didn't come from outer space?

To be sure, music possesses many beneficial qualities but we should be mindful not to attach elements to music that it does not possess.

Of itself, music does not 'cure' anything. It does not 'solve' anything. And contrary torepparttar 144259 more bizarre claims one may find onrepparttar 144260 internet, it certainly does not 'originate' from an "unknown composer who resides on a planet in a distant galaxy"... or other similar nonsense! As a point in fact,repparttar 144261 composition "GROVE SUITE" ( offered at ) was pirated some years ago by a metaphysical organization that actually made that claim!

What properly created music DOES do, it does very well. It possessesrepparttar 144262 ability to put our hearts and minds at ease and in so doing, facilitates entrance to a clearer understanding of ourselves, reality and finally - inner peace. By any measurement, that is remarkable!

That music can be an effective tool for stress management is a given. It has been known for centuries that music can be therapeutic and there are many references in art and literature that attest to its soothing qualities. The therapeutic capabilities of music have been proven many times over and its success as a stress management tool is well documented.

That fact alone proves that music is able to minimizerepparttar 144263 disturbing and unhealthy effects of stress, anxiety and burnout! Who knows, it may even takerepparttar 144264 edge off some of that conditioning.

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Bill Reddie is the owner of Channel 1 Records, a company that has been producing music for stress relief and stress management since 1972. Further information regarding the beneficial effects of music and its potential for relieving stress, anxiety and burnout may be found at: http//

Mind Power With Mindfulness

Written by Steve Gillman

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An Even Easier Mindfulness Trick

Try this one today: When you feel stressed, stop, and carefully watch yourself to identify what's bothering you. Maybe you're expecting something bad to happen, or an argument is going on just belowrepparttar surface of your consciousness, or you're worried about something, or in pain in some way. Make a note of everything you find.

Then deal with these mind-irritants. Make a phone call that's on your mind, take an aspirin, apologise to whomever you were fighting with. Write things on tomorrow's list, to get them off your mind. If there's nothing you can do right now, tell yourself that. Do this exercise, and you'll feel less stressed, and more able to concentrate onrepparttar 144187 tasks at hand. You'll have more mind power today.

Steve Gillman has been studying brainpower enhancement, creative problem solving, and related topics for years. You can visit his website, and subscribe to his free Mind Power Course, at:

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