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Written by Bruce Scher

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3) Headline

Naturallyrepparttar words free or win should be inrepparttar 117273 headline, and incorporaterepparttar 117274 name or product to help build awareness. A local restaurant in my city, offers Salís Free Lunch. Contestants drop a business card or fill out an entry blank, in a large bowl forrepparttar 117275 weekly drawing.

4) Free Sweepstakes Listings

You can advertise for free onrepparttar 117276 sites below, and you may find yourself playing a few sweepstakes as you conduct your own research.

5) Customers/Prospects Emailing

Donít forget to email your customers and prospects about your sweepstakes promotion. Itís good will to include them even though you have their names, plus, Itís another opportunity to get your name in front of them.

6) Website Announcement

To promote your sweepstakes to new visitors to your site, place announce of your sweepstakes onrepparttar 117277 main traffic pages of your site. If you publish an ezine, donít forget

To include its details here, with a link torepparttar 117278 sweepstakes rules and entry form.

This means of free advertising will act as a traffic generator workingrepparttar 117279 length of your sweepstakes bringing in thousands of visitors. Offering potential customers a prize to visit, andrepparttar 117280 huge amount traffic will be your prize for holding it.

Bruce Scher is a small business advisor and creator of a current sweepstakes,

ďWin a Business Start-up." Winner receives 13,500 internet banners, and $350.00 pay per click search engine credit, plus other prizes. For official rules and entry blank, visit: or


Written by written by JP Bonar

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If it wasn't for my heart to stick with it and never give up, my dream of owning a business would have been over. I actually give him credit because he pissed me off enough to never quit. That wasn't his intention byrepparttar way. I just wasn't his dream business owner. I am a strong advocate that people who are new torepparttar 117272 home based business industry have heart (passion) and it is their responsibility to learn, act and build their business. However, upline supports should remember their own heart (passion). Keep in mind, not only business structures and ideas can be duplicated; but so can upline support teams . To berepparttar 117273 best support to their downline, no matter who they are and acceptrepparttar 117274 responsibility they have to help them achieve success no matter what, right fromrepparttar 117275 start!

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JP Bonar is the CEO of AMH Direct. AMH Direct is the home of the Three Pillar Concept for Success. This unique business opportunity incorporates the ideas of having a business structure, involvement with the wellness industry and self revolution (personal growth) to create a complete, profitable and duplicable home business opportunity.

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