Fantasy Football: The Art of the Value Draft

Written by Jason Clarke

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You can also take Terry Glenn’s 04’ stats and put them up against some other receivers who may have been overvalued in this years draft, like Marty Booker or Jerry Porter. Glenn has more receiving yards and touchdowns than both of these higher picked receivers, but probably only cost his owner no higher than a 9th or 10th round pick. How would you like to have Terry Glenn’s statistics in your third receiver spot this year?

There are two morals to this story. Moral one is always to be prepared for your draft. Keep up on offseason news such as injuries, free agency moves, NFL draft acquisitions and coaching changes. These little tidbits of information all add up when it comes to fantasy draft time. Take all those bits of info and try to piece them togetherrepparttar best you can to come to some conclusions about some players. Just because Joe Schmoe put up good or bad numbersrepparttar 138643 year before doesn’t mean they are going to dorepparttar 138644 same this year. Did a new QB come to town via free agency? Or didrepparttar 138645 teams Joe Schmoe plays for draft a big stud LT inrepparttar 138646 draft?

Moral two is to pick your spots wisely. Don’t jump on players you are high on too early in your draft. If you jump on these guys early and they don’t pan out like you think they will, your team is going to be in a world of hurt becauserepparttar 138647 back end of your roster is going to be much weaker than it should be. So make like a good possession receiver inrepparttar 138648 early rounds of your draft and make nice, safe, sound picks. Asrepparttar 138649 rounds move on though, start taking your shots deep and see if you can come up big, with some not so big name players.

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Croquet Courting

Written by Peter Jay

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Well, all I have to say is that Mallet Girl did leave an impression on me. For several days there was an indent and bruise on my shin. Although, Mallet Girl and I never went on a date again, I will never forget her. I can still seerepparttar end of her mallet hovering acrossrepparttar 138554 grass toward my shin, even today. So, is croquet a good courting activity? You decide. Many girls would love a nice relaxing game of croquet out inrepparttar 138555 park. It is a good time or activity to just talk to someone while playing a friendly game. But, beware thatrepparttar 138556 girl that you take is not “Mallet Girl,” or you may be in danger. Also, make surerepparttar 138557 girl does not beat you, because it stinks to get beaten by girl… believe me, I know.

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