Fantasy Football: Silver and Black Makeover

Written by Jason Clarke

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Both receivers will allowrepparttar Raiders offense to stretchrepparttar 138644 field and create other opportunities for members ofrepparttar 138645 offense. Safeties will not be able to cheat up torepparttar 138646 line of scrimmage for run support because of fear ofrepparttar 138647 deep ball that Collins can deliver to Porter or Moss. This should also open uprepparttar 138648 middle ofrepparttar 138649 field and allowrepparttar 138650 tight ends to make plays when matched up on slower linebackers.

The Raiders other big acquisition was running back Lamont Jordan. The Raiders signed Jordan to a 5-year contract to berepparttar 138651 feature back in their offense. Jordan was a very productive back when he was given opportunities withrepparttar 138652 Jets. He wasrepparttar 138653 primary backup to Curtis Martin andrepparttar 138654 Jets ground game seemed to never miss a beat when Jordan was totingrepparttar 138655 rock. He rushed for a total of 479 yards with a gaudy 5.2 yards per carry average. The only question about Jordan is if he can produce at that level for an entire season when he is getting 25-30 carries a game. He will certainly get an opportunity to do that as a Raider where his main competition for carries will be either Amos Zereoue or Justin Fargas. Neither seems likely to put up much of a fight.

Jordan and many of his teammates should be a hot commodity come time for your fantasy draft. The Raiders offense figures to be explosive and their defense still figures to be a sieve. This is a great recipe for fantasy production! I just canít wait for that first Raider vs. Chiefs game. Iím thinking torepparttar 138656 over/under on that game to be somewhere near 100!

So,repparttar 138657 money has been spent andrepparttar 138658 improvements have been made. Only time will tell ifrepparttar 138659 improvements will satisfyrepparttar 138660 owner. One thing is for sure, inrepparttar 138661 eyes of fantasy football ownersrepparttar 138662 Raiders seem to have completed an extreme offensive makeover.

Jason is the editor and webmaster for, a respected fantasy football analysis website. Fantasy Football: The Art of the Value Draft

Written by Jason Clarke

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You can also take Terry Glennís 04í stats and put them up against some other receivers who may have been overvalued in this years draft, like Marty Booker or Jerry Porter. Glenn has more receiving yards and touchdowns than both of these higher picked receivers, but probably only cost his owner no higher than a 9th or 10th round pick. How would you like to have Terry Glennís statistics in your third receiver spot this year?

There are two morals to this story. Moral one is always to be prepared for your draft. Keep up on offseason news such as injuries, free agency moves, NFL draft acquisitions and coaching changes. These little tidbits of information all add up when it comes to fantasy draft time. Take all those bits of info and try to piece them togetherrepparttar best you can to come to some conclusions about some players. Just because Joe Schmoe put up good or bad numbersrepparttar 138643 year before doesnít mean they are going to dorepparttar 138644 same this year. Did a new QB come to town via free agency? Or didrepparttar 138645 teams Joe Schmoe plays for draft a big stud LT inrepparttar 138646 draft?

Moral two is to pick your spots wisely. Donít jump on players you are high on too early in your draft. If you jump on these guys early and they donít pan out like you think they will, your team is going to be in a world of hurt becauserepparttar 138647 back end of your roster is going to be much weaker than it should be. So make like a good possession receiver inrepparttar 138648 early rounds of your draft and make nice, safe, sound picks. Asrepparttar 138649 rounds move on though, start taking your shots deep and see if you can come up big, with some not so big name players.

Jason is the editor and webmaster for, a respected fantasy football analsis website.

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