Howard Dean, Extortion, Bribes and other problems

Written by Scott Huminski

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Sorrell has lately kept busy inrepparttar courts fighting to keep Howard Dean’s gubernatorial records sealed. In light ofrepparttar 125854 foregoing, one can only imagine what vile government conduct Sorrell and Dean are covering up inrepparttar 125855 sealed records lawsuit. Sorrell’s friendship with Dean is still costingrepparttar 125856 Vermont taxpayers thousands of litigation dollars and Dean’s “really smart lawyer” friend apparently flunked attorney ethics which prohibit Sorrell’s representation of Dean under attorney conflict-of-interest principles. (fn4)

In Sorrell’s possession is a sworn transcript and audio tape of a major U.S. corporation’s quite illegal conduct constituting extortion and other crimes. To date,repparttar 125857 reason is unknown for Sorrell’s cover-up ofrepparttar 125858 criminal enterprise set forth inrepparttar 125859 audio tape aside fromrepparttar 125860 fact that any such reason would be incompatible with law enforcement. Also in this questionable category is Sorrell’s cover-up of an alcoholic beverage retailer’s activities who operated without federal or state licenses for 8 years duringrepparttar 125861 Dean/Sorrell decade in Vermont despite a report from Vermont’s own liquor investigator thatrepparttar 125862 illegal conduct existed. Dean’s appointee response – cover up.

It appears that neither Dean nor his lawyer crony have any respect forrepparttar 125863 Bill of Rights, ethical considerations orrepparttar 125864 rule of law when it doesn’t fit into their dubious agendas. Recently, Dean has labeledrepparttar 125865 members of an entire political party as “evil”. Perhaps Dean should look inrepparttar 125866 mirror and look atrepparttar 125867 condition he left Vermont in after a decade of his appointments prior to disparaging others. The man who said 95 percent of people charged with crimes are guilty anyway so why shouldrepparttar 125868 state spend money on providing them with lawyers should indeed criticize very carefully from his anti-constitutional corrupt glass house. (fn5)

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Expert on Vermont Justice issues related to Howard Dean and his appointees.

Return to Ouvea, New Caledonia

Written by David Stanley

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Asrepparttar leaders are being received atrepparttar 125853 chefferie (chiefly house) of Wadrilla nearrepparttar 125854 center ofrepparttar 125855 island, Djoubelly Wea steps forward and shootsrepparttar 125856 pair dead at point blank range. Wea was reflecting a feeling still palpable in New Caledonia that Tjibaou had sold out torepparttar 125857 French and derailedrepparttar 125858 struggle of independence.

Tjibaou's bodyguard killed Wea,repparttar 125859 final shot ofrepparttar 125860 evenements. Todayrepparttar 125861 chefferie of Wadrilla is muchrepparttar 125862 same as it was in 1989, a large thatched case surrounded by a palisade of driftwood logs.

Acrossrepparttar 125863 coastal highway, a large monument has been erected torepparttar 125864 19 Kanak martyrs of 1988. Designed with two curving white walls to resemble a cave,repparttar 125865 monument bearsrepparttar 125866 photo, name, and date of birth of each victim.

Their traditional war clubs have been placed onrepparttar 125867 back side ofrepparttar 125868 monument and their remains are interred below.

No memorial to Jean-Marie Tjibaou exists on Ouvea butrepparttar 125869 French have constructed a massive cultural center to his memory in their stronghold Noumea.

In fairness, it must be said that Tjibaou only consideredrepparttar 125870 Matignon Accords a temporary stop onrepparttar 125871 road to independence. His assassination frozerepparttar 125872 agreement into a sort of permanent solution whichrepparttar 125873 French have used to justify continuing colonial rule ever since.

The promised 1998 referendum was never held. Instead an updated treaty calledrepparttar 125874 Noumea Accord was signed. This postponedrepparttar 125875 referendum for another 15 or 20 years and promised many thingsrepparttar 125876 French government has yet to deliver.

For example, a key provision creating a special New Caledonian citizenship status intended to control immigration from France was declared unconstitutional by a French court in 1999.

Metros (metropolitan French) continue to flood intorepparttar 125877 territory (in violation of United nations resolutions onrepparttar 125878 norms of conduct for colonial powers in non-self-governing areas) and Europeans may soon from a clear majority ofrepparttar 125879 population.

Towardrepparttar 125880 end of my stay I visitedrepparttar 125881 Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center inrepparttar 125882 Tina Peninsula, 12 kilometers northeast of New Caledonia's capital Noumea. Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, it was built by French contractors between 1994 and 1998 at a cost of over US$50 million. The center opened on May 4, 1998, 10th anniversary ofrepparttar 125883 assassination of Jean-Marie Tjibaou.

No visitor can help but be impressed byrepparttar 125884 spectacular botanical garden interwoven with references to Kanak legends which encirclesrepparttar 125885 center's three villages.

A contemporary art gallery, temporary and permanent exhibitions of Kanak and other Pacific art, a library, an audiovisual room, indoor and outdoor theaters, and a large ceremonial area are only some ofrepparttar 125886 center's outstanding features.

Yetrepparttar 125887 Tjibaou Cultural Center presents Kanak culture as a regional folklore rather than a national tradition.

Events such asrepparttar 125888 Ouvea Massacre andrepparttar 125889 other murders ofrepparttar 125890 1980s are barely mentioned. A room in Village Three provides photos and texts onrepparttar 125891 life of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, but there's no explanation as to why he was assassinated orrepparttar 125892 background of his assassin.

The 19th century land seizures andrepparttar 125893 muscle flexing and maneuvering that have prevented independence are carefully avoided. The highlight for me was an amazing three-meter-high bronze statue of Tjibaou himself, clad in a Roman toga, on a hill overlookingrepparttar 125894 center.

Tjibaou wasrepparttar 125895 last real Kanak leader, and in a land whererepparttar 125896 spirits ofrepparttar 125897 dead have an important role inrepparttar 125898 lives ofrepparttar 125899 living, his soul must be suffering.

David Stanley is the author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific which has a chapter on New Caledonia. His online guide to New Caledonia may be perused at

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