How your online business can generate loads of free traffic from articles

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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Then you must really be prepared to test and test and test again. Even when you start to experience some minor successes with your articles, that is in factrepparttar time you should increaserepparttar 136493 number of tests you are carrying out with your free articles marketing campaign.

Tests teach you a lot and with each new test you introduce, you learn something new and valuable that you can use to improve your business even more.

And what is more, when you have found a way to build up your opt-in email list as you go along (this can easily be done by offering some valuable information or e-course available only via email) you will actually be growing your client data base. Growingrepparttar 136494 list of your prospects and clients whom you can email regular updates to later is extremely important.

It is important to ensure that your articles are both interesting and useful to your target market. Avoid any sales letter-approach here. In factrepparttar 136495 more you sound like an expert genuinely out to help,repparttar 136496 more successful your articles marketing campaign will be.

You can of course find loads of valuable information on how to write articles (even if you are not a writer) and where to post them at my blog. Seerepparttar 136497 resource box of this article forrepparttar 136498 address.

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Using Mini Websites- Powerful way to direct marketing

Written by Arun Tibrewal

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My opinion as well as experience says, visitor will give more weight to site two. Analyzerepparttar following reasons and know why:

Visitor was searching for “donuts” and likes to know what donut is, and then only he likes to know who arerepparttar 136432 person and procedures behind manufacturing donuts. The site is offering straight torepparttar 136433 visitor along withrepparttar 136434 prices, enough for him to decide quickly whether this isrepparttar 136435 thing he is looking for. He is getting all navigations links on first page itself aboutrepparttar 136436 products and there varieties, this will induce him to know more. With minimum clicks he is getting more information’s. The site is loading fast which is a very pleasant thing for any visitor where asrepparttar 136437 animations on site 1 take time to download and he don’t want to spend much time on that. Site one is offering lot more products which might not berepparttar 136438 interest ofrepparttar 136439 visitor. He will simply ignore that. Site 2 is displaying its product prices and discounts immediately and visitor will go immediately if that suites his pocket, if not he can book mark and ask forrepparttar 136440 price negotiations later. Where as in site he found all good in site one and foundrepparttar 136441 prices after so many clicks, and if it does not suites his pocket he will be staying permanently away fromrepparttar 136442 site. Even search engine will give more preference to site 2 as they have specific information’s on Donuts comparing to site which have other products to sell. In nut shell grabbing attention of a visitor towards your offering is more important than explaining who you are, as its products which build a brand. People like to know first what all your offerings rather than who you are. Any buyer, even if he spends a little always likes to compare product, quality and pricings with other. Using a mini site you allow him to compare fast and he can take his decisions without wasting his time. Remember killer marketing principle says “never allow a buyer to think twice as there may be chance when other competitors grabrepparttar 136443 deal”

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