How using RSS will attract and maintain visitors

Written by Allan Burns

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RSS is a good medium for publishing newsletters, updates and news. The sorts of things that are not specific to an individual but are relevant to groups. I would compare RSS to being more like a newspaper where as email is more like a letter you would expect to get from a friend or relative.

By all means I am an advocate of RSS and have been promoting it over at because ofrepparttar lack of enthusiasm or mayberepparttar 140205 confusion when it comes to RSS. The use of RSS may not become as widely used as email but it will grow in popularity, especially withrepparttar 140206 interest shown recently fromrepparttar 140207 likes of MSN and Yahoo. No doubt Google will join in soon.

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Steps to Beat your Website Competitors

Written by Edward Charkow

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5.) Make sure you haverepparttar tools and services you need to communicate with your visitors. It might be live help ( ) or it might be something like an autoresponder ( ), but you better have some way for your visitors to contact you and ask you questions. 6.) Don't expect overnight success. Growing a site takes time and effort. However, don't get discouraged. Daily effort turns into weekly growth. One day you will wake up and find that your efforts have paid off. 7.) Use your expertise to help others. Did you know that if you have something you are knowledgeable about that you are being looked for right now? There are thousands of forum's, newsgroups, and communities on-line that would benefit from your advice. If you spendrepparttar 140204 time to help them, you will see an increase in traffic and of course revenue. Many forums allow a signature which is similar torepparttar 140205 resource box for this article. People do click on those signature links when you help them. Since you have already takenrepparttar 140206 first step and built some trust in your knowledge don't you think they will be more likely to use what your website provides. 8.) Do not be afraid to get some help. There are 1000s of freelancers and other helpful people that make their living onrepparttar 140207 web. Farming work out to those freelancers may just be worth your time. Here is an example: You are running a finance site. You need to get a new layout, new graphics, and Search Engine optimization done. You could spend days working on all of that, and since you are not an expert you end up with an inferior website both in looks and functionality. Your two days of effort cost you money in lost sales, butrepparttar 140208 poor website will cost you thousands overrepparttar 140209 next year. A few minutes with a competent designer would have cost you a few days pay, but you end up with a great functional and attractive website. Which way is better?

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