How to write emails that get results!

Written by Lee Hopkins

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A lot of people will scan your email so you need to make your subheads give a complete selling message by themselves. Also, be sure to use different graphic embellishments.

7. Eliminate excess wording: Simplify. Convey your message in a clear and concise manner -- but remember that doesn't mean 'keep it short'.

My personal guru of direct marketing, Ted Nicholas, repeatedly states that copy can never be too long, just too boring . All things considered equal, longer copy will always outperform shorter copy, AS LONG ASrepparttar copy is compelling and not boring. And you need to ruthlessly edit your email for flow.

8. Use action verbs whenever possible: If you see too many "as", "is", "was" or "were" replace them. Sentences using action verbs are more powerful.

When writing your email you want it clear enough so that any high school student can understand it. Now, you probably think that your prospects/clients are a lot smarter thanrepparttar 107977 average high school student. But nobody has time anymore to sit down and figure out what you're trying to say -- so keep your writing simple and straightforward.

Oh, and go through your text and cut outrepparttar 107978 word "that" wherever you possibly can. It's a 'dead' word that reducesrepparttar 107979 impact of any sentence.

Or you might like to readrepparttar 107980 above sentence as: It's a dead word and reducesrepparttar 107981 impact of any sentence.

Which one do you think is more powerful?

Important particulars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are a few important points you need to be aware of.

1. Always give peoplerepparttar 107982 option of being removed from your mailing list. Very important now that Privacy Laws are coming in all aroundrepparttar 107983 world and spam levels are so high.

2. Make your links 'clickable'. In order to make it easy for people to go straight from your email to your website you need to make your links 'clickable'. Here's how a link should be written in your email:

Most email programs will recognise this as a link.

And if you want to make an email link you should write it as

Well, that's it. Happy writing!

When you match consumer psychology with effective communication styles you get a powerful combination. At Hopkins-Business- you can find the secrets to communication success. At Hopkins we show you how to communicate better for better business results.

Barriers to business communication

Written by Lee Hopkins

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The wrong audience ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I once attended a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, ofrepparttar British Psychological Society.

Fortunate to have been presenting a paper there, I was nevertheless distracted byrepparttar 107976 very large number of other presenters, many of whom were presenting papers that, on reading their paper's titles inrepparttar 107977 Proceedings, looked really interesting.

With a couple of hours to spare before I was due to present, I picked what appeared to be an interesting presentation, and sauntered casually intorepparttar 107978 lecture room.

So you can imagine my dismay when I found, about five minutes intorepparttar 107979 presentation, thatrepparttar 107980 title was a 'trick' title, a play-on-words byrepparttar 107981 author that no doubt struck him as funny and clever, but struck me as dastardly.

As Robert Cialdini would say,repparttar 107982 presenter was a 'smuggler' of influence. That is, he used a 'hot' topic ofrepparttar 107983 day to entice an audience in, only to then present to them something that had VERY little relevance to that 'hot' topic.

I was not alone (and notrepparttar 107984 first) in walking out ofrepparttar 107985 lecture theatre and heading for a 'second choice' presentation (which, incidentally, I did thoroughly enjoy!)

I also remember a very large and cumbersome booklet being left on my desk overnight by a then employer. The booklet went to great lengths to inform me ofrepparttar 107986 latest company initiatives in a particular HR area. Whilstrepparttar 107987 time and expenserepparttar 107988 company went to to create and publishrepparttar 107989 booklet was considerable,repparttar 107990 actual initiative itself affected perhaps less than a fifth ofrepparttar 107991 total employees inrepparttar 107992 company. Even then, from talking to colleagues in that 'fifth' group, I doubted that more than a few ofrepparttar 107993 fifth would have been interested in it, too.

The company had its own intranet (it was one ofrepparttar 107994 pioneers inrepparttar 107995 computing industry) before business really understoodrepparttar 107996 power and potential of internet publishing, so it could have just as easily and far more cheaply just emailed everyone with a link to specially-written pages on their intranet.

But these wererepparttar 107997 days when it wasrepparttar 107998 IT department that controlled access to and publishing onrepparttar 107999 intranet, not individual business groups.

At least these daysrepparttar 108000 HR Department could have published their own webpages onrepparttar 108001 intranet and sent an email out to individually affected employees.

Presenting your message torepparttar 108002 wrong audience for your business communication is a complete waste of your time and money. Don't do it -- pick your audience then pickrepparttar 108003 medium that will best find them.

A distracting environment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There's nothing worse than trying to communicate your message to a group of people who cannot 'hear' you.

Whether their inability to 'hear' you is because of:

* your voice not being strong enough * too many others talking inrepparttar 108004 room atrepparttar 108005 same time * police and ambulance sirens outsiderepparttar 108006 venue * too many phone calls coming in to their office while they're trying to read your memo * interruptions while they try to read your report * incoming emails keep popping up while they are reading your web-based communication * their minds are full of other pressing matters * they are supposed to be somewhere else at that moment * their mobile phone keeps ringing, or vibrating if they've set it to 'silent' instead of switching it off * their internet connection is slow * their internet connection keeps dropping out * there are too many interesting people to look at *repparttar 108007 room's airconditioning is not working andrepparttar 108008 room is hot and stuffy *repparttar 108009 room's heating is not working andrepparttar 108010 room is cold and clammy

Well, there are of course a thousand possible distracting reasons why they cannot or will not attend to your business communication.

The point is to do whatever you can, whilst acknowledging that this might be next to nothing, to reducerepparttar 108011 number of distractions your chosen audience might be subjected to.

In closing... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The barriers to effective business communication are many, but with care and attentionrepparttar 108012 majority of them can be overcome.

The fewerrepparttar 108013 barriers,repparttar 108014 greaterrepparttar 108015 chance that your business communication will be heard, understood and your MDA ('Most Desired Action' you wish them to take) will actually occur.

When you match consumer psychology with effective communication styles you get a powerful combination. At Hopkins-Business- you can find the secrets to communication success. At Hopkins we show you how to communicate better for better business results.

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