How to write a good research paper

Written by Janet Ilacqua

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Before you turn in your paper, double check it for errors. If you can, after you have checked for errors, let another person (for example, your parent or an older sibling) check it too. Are there any references missing fromrepparttar bibliography. Is referenced material from sources properly cited? Dorepparttar 109311 sentences and reasoning make sense. Did you include an abstract or summary ofrepparttar 109312 paper inrepparttar 109313 case of APA format papers? As soon as you are satisfied with your paper, run a spell and grammar check. (Check your spell checker setting and make sure that they set to Grammar and style). At that point, you can hand in your paper.

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Bully Victims Need an Adult Relationship

Written by Paula McCoach, School Counselor

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Another area of concern was keeping track ofrepparttar number of mentors inrepparttar 109310 program. Overrepparttar 109311 years we have reduced this number - first we cut back to onlyrepparttar 109312 professional staff having mentees. Staff who wanted to be mentors and hadrepparttar 109313 knack for working with these problematic students were asked to be mentors. A few educational assistants were also asked also because of their expertise in this area also.

Dramatic results were reported with a group of middle school girls. One ofrepparttar 109314 girls had to actually break away fromrepparttar 109315 group of girls who were bullying, so she could improve her reputation as a respectful and serious student. This was a difficult process, and she had 2 mentors working with her to help her make this difficult peer group change. The parent/guardian was not supportive. Byrepparttar 109316 end ofrepparttar 109317 school year, she had completely changed groups of friends, maderepparttar 109318 honor roll, and received a multitude of awards for academic excellence atrepparttar 109319 quarterly awards assembly.

So, don't worry that you don't have allrepparttar 109320 pieces in place. You will learn and improve your program each year. Just start helping these kids! You will be inspired and repparttar 109321 kids will be thrilled and getting their education!

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Paula McCoach has been in public education for 23 years. She has been a school counselor for the past 10 in an alternative school and an elementary/middle school in Maryland. She has spearheaded mentor programs, Character Education initiatives, & Bully awareness. For more information, send an email to

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