How to write Killer Classified Ad Copy

Written by David Bell

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2. Back it up with convincing proof. The personal coach's ad for stressed-out overachievers,repparttar one that begins "How to stop overwhelm before it stops you," contains this proof: * 3 case studies, * 3 testimonials, * detailed credentials ofrepparttar 135322 coach * and a money-back guarantee. Despite its stunningly bold claims,repparttar 135323 ad comes across as very believable and has generated a record-breaking parade of new clients. 3. Ask for action. The investigator's sales letter to divorce lawyers, beginning "Why almost every financial statement in family court may not discloserepparttar 135324 full net worth ofrepparttar 135325 opposing spouse," ends this way: "I would like to meet with you at no charge to show you how I can be of service to you and your clients in future family law cases. "Please call me at your convenience so we can set up a meeting to discuss further how I can assist your clients recover their fair share of assets. Call me directly at xxx - xxx-xxxx." Killer copy always asks for action inrepparttar 135326 most powerful way possible. Notice howrepparttar 135327 above words spell out exactly what to do, and even make a big promise - thatrepparttar 135328 lawyer readingrepparttar 135329 letter will recover more money in court for their clients (and, therefore, get more money themselves). As you can see, a few words of killer copy can lead to massive amounts of money. In fact, many people say writing killer copy isrepparttar 135330 single most valuable money-making skill inrepparttar 135331 world. And recently, writing copy was named as one ofrepparttar 135332 top 10 emerging professions forrepparttar 135333 new century. It doesn't surprise me. Inrepparttar 135334 age ofrepparttar 135335 Internet,repparttar 135336 old style of advertising copy -- saying something clever, and hoping people remember - just doesn't cut it anymore. Besides, these days, with business-to-business advertising growing so fast,repparttar 135337 traditional advertising industry is feeling a lot of pressure for ads that really produce results. Why? Because, old-style advertising that entertains, but does not sell, is not cost-effective enough for many companies in today's hyper-competitive market. Recently I heard from my former accountant. (A few years ago, he left accounting to start a new business.) He asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing some ideas on how he could write killer copy for his own business. I said sure. And now he's on his way to doingrepparttar 135338 same thing that I do, for himself. Funny thing aboutrepparttar 135339 conversation we hadrepparttar 135340 other day. Unlikerepparttar 135341 conversation we had back in 1995, he didn't kid me about drinking scotch, or anything else. Maybe he finally realized that when it comes to increasing your income, killer copy is serious business. I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

How To Be 100% Sure That Your New Product Is A Winner

Written by Nick James

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Don't worry too much about how, or whyrepparttar punters didn't buy your product. You will probably never work this out... I never can!

The greatest mail-order gurus inrepparttar 135308 world often find themselves scratching their heads in disbelief at what works, and what fails. They are continually amazed that their 'dead-cert' product flops completely, and their rank outsider, no-hoper product which they whacked-in for a quick test, results in bulging mail-sacks. There is often no rhyme or reason to this. Who knows whyrepparttar 135309 punters will go for a product, or leave it alone? It could be one word inrepparttar 135310 copy, a 'feel',repparttar 135311 picture,repparttar 135312 price, their perception of your ability to deliver.... ANYTHING. You'll never find out.

Nowrepparttar 135313 big difference between a winner, and a loser is thatrepparttar 135314 winner will listen torepparttar 135315 punters no matter what he thinks. Ifrepparttar 135316 punters tell him that his red-hot favorite product is a lame dog, then he'll drop it immediately. Losers will back their hunches right downrepparttar 135317 line until they go broke.

They just know that this product is a winner.... Ifrepparttar 135318 marketing fails, then they attribute it torepparttar 135319 media, orrepparttar 135320 day ofrepparttar 135321 week, orrepparttar 135322 price, orrepparttar 135323 delivery time. They don't believe thatrepparttar 135324 punters could ever reject such a super product. So they promote it again, and again and again until they have lost a very great deal of money. Then they believe. But even after all this, they still harbor a sneaking suspicion that if they'd just alteredrepparttar 135325 coupon shape, or increasedrepparttar 135326 money-back guarantee to 30 days, or........ you getrepparttar 135327 idea....

To Become A Mail-Order Winner, You MUST believerepparttar 135328 punters. They KNOW, you only BELIEVE. This principle can be summarised in this vital concept:


More on this in my next article.

Nick James is a UK based direct marketer and product developer. During the last 3 years Nick has sold in excess of 1 Million of products and services. Subscribe to his Free Tip Of The Week email at:

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