How to use the power of resolution in business?

Written by Carl Cholette

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Hasty resolutions are futile. The mind must be fortified to endure. Immediatelyrepparttar resolution to walk a higher path is made, temptation and trial begin. Men have found that no sooner have they decided to lead a truer and nobler life than they have been overwhelmed with such a torrent of new temptations and difficulties as make their position almost unendurable, and many men, because of this, relinquish their resolution.

He whose life is not in harmony with his conscience and who is anxious to remedy his mind and conduct in a particular direction, let him first mature his purpose by earnest thought and self- examination, and having arrived at a final conclusion, let him frame his resolution, and having done so let him not swerve from it, let him remain true to his decision under all circumstances, and he cannot fail to achieve his good purpose; forrepparttar 149329 Great Law ever shields and protects him who, no matter how deep his sins, or how great and many his failures and mistakes, has, deep in his heart, resolved uponrepparttar 149330 finding of a better way, and every obstacle must at last give way before a matured and unshaken resolution.

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How to Prosper Because of Your Competition

Written by Bill Dueease

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•Your competitors will frequently teach you new ways to reach your business goals. You will want to execute very profitable programs that follow similar, if not identical, programs previously instituted successfully by competitors. Doesrepparttar term "re-engineering" sound familiar? Japanese automakers dissected American and European cars then tookrepparttar 149282 best features and combined them into very desirable products that filled many needsrepparttar 149283 other automakers failed to provide.

•Your competitors will frequently supply some of your greatest business opportunities. They may choose to ignore your potential customers or interact offensively with them, or they may be incapable of providingrepparttar 149284 benefits that your customers want.

•Competitors will frequently open up markets that did not exist before, allowing you and your business to move in and prosper. Sound silly? Look how fast food restaurants feed off of each other by congregating in certain areas, making it very easy for customers to pick from a number of choices. Phase 3: Position your business to provide a desirable comparison. Establish your business so that it will be much more desirable to your target customers, when they compare you to your competitors. Userepparttar 149285 knowledge gained inrepparttar 149286 above steps to create a comparative edge in as many ways as possible. Encourage your customers to compare, especially inrepparttar 149287 areas where you haverepparttar 149288 favorable edge. This allows them to make a confident decision to buy from your business because you appear to be better for them than your competitors. There are examples all around you of business owners thriving because of their competition. One couple, for example, started a cleaning business inrepparttar 149289 face of an overabundance of competitors and greatly prospered, even with higher prices. They succeeded because they wererepparttar 149290 only business to quickly answerrepparttar 149291 phone with a live friendly person to immediately tend to customer requests. Their competition actually drove excellent customers to them.

In another case, a development group created an extremely profitable new ski resort by concentrating on providing warm, courteous and ever-increasing benefits to their skiers. The existing ski areas considered themselvesrepparttar 149292 "only game in town" and were more focused on treating their directors as semi-royalty, while they virtually ignored their paying customers. The developers ofrepparttar 149293 new resort feasted onrepparttar 149294 monopolyrepparttar 149295 others thought they had.

By using your competition and what you learn from them, you too can prosper because of your competition.

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