How to use Home Decor Accessories to Create a New Look in a Room

Written by Claire Bowes

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Lighten-up with Light Fixtures

Light fittings are one ofrepparttar most important elements of home decor accessories as they setrepparttar 100118 ambience ofrepparttar 100119 room. By using different types of lighting you can create different moods on different areas ofrepparttar 100120 room, at different times ofrepparttar 100121 day.

For example:-

· accent lighting such as a spot light is used to emphasize wall paintings, ornaments or other interesting areas in a room;

· soft lighting used by small wall light fittings or table lamps, help create a gentle romantic mood;

· general lighting such as a ceiling center light, strip light or bright wall lamps are used for everyday purposes.

Tip: use a dimmer switch to create different moods with your lighting.

Adding Color with Flowers & Plants

Fresh flowers are always a wonderful accessory in a home. They are easy to blend in with any rooms accent and you can swap and change repparttar 100122 color, type of flower and position at any time. They are such an easy and adaptable accessory to have. If you are allergic to flowers, try silk flowers instead - sometimes it is hard to distinguish between real flowers and silk ones...

By placing plants throughout your home helps add natural color, texture, and also softensrepparttar 100123 area making it more appealing to spend time there. Don't forget to use attractive plant pots and containers for your plants - they are a home decor accessory too!

Area Rugs and Textiles

Area Rugs:- Area rugs add warmth and texture to a room. They help soften wooden or hard floors and add contrasting colors and patterns intorepparttar 100124 room.

First you must determine what you wantrepparttar 100125 rug for - is it a focal point? or do you want to group furniture on it? Secondly, you must measure what size rug you need before you go shopping.

Other Textiles:- By using other types of textile home decor accessories, you can create additional comfort and softness in using:-

· scatter cushions made with different types of material;

· throws on your sofa or lounge chair; · napkins, place mats and tablecloths inrepparttar 100126 dining room or kitchen.


Home decor accessories play a crucial part in your home decorating. Even if you don't need to repaint your walls, you can still changerepparttar 100127 look of your room. By rearranging furniture and wall pictures, adding soft light fixtures, flower arrangements and plants,repparttar 100128 placement of an area rug and using different textiles in a room, all help create a new look to reflect you and your personality.

Claire Bowes is a freelance writer and the owner of Flower Pictures n and Landscape Pictures n Fine art prints, posters and photographic prints for your wall designs.

Life’s a Beach – A Shore Theme in Your Outdoor Space

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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Motifs Many beach goers return home with a collection of shells, beach rocks and smooth bits of colored glass. If you have such a collection, use them to good effect in your outdoor space. Clean up your treasures by running them through a cycle ofrepparttar dishwasher inrepparttar 100117 utensil basket. You can also rub baby oil into rocks to bring outrepparttar 100118 shine that you saw underrepparttar 100119 beach sun.

The most obvious way to display your shells and pebbles is in a clear glass dish or jar, or a flat plate. Try filling a saucer with them and inserting a votive candle. Or ifrepparttar 100120 shells themselves are large enough, pour candle wax around a wick inrepparttar 100121 shell cavity itself. Shells can be used in attractive tic-tac-toe games, for stamping fabrics and many other purposes.

You can easily changerepparttar 100122 feel of your beach theme byrepparttar 100123 use of different motifs. Perch a sea-gull on a piece of driftwood draped with a piece of fisherman's net and use a lighthouse or two elsewhere inrepparttar 100124 space, and you'll be reminded of a coastal fishing village. Folding sling chairs, an umbrella and pots of beach grass give a recreational feel to your space. Or combinerepparttar 100125 lighthouses with sailboat silhouettes for a more urban shore look.

Whatever kind of shore you prefer, use these ideas to recreate it at home. Put on a recording of ocean waves lapping onrepparttar 100126 sand, kick off your shoes and enjoyrepparttar 100127 beach!

Debbie Rodgers, the haven maven, owns and operates Paradise Porch, and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Her latest how-to guide “Attracting Butterflies to Your Home and Garden” is now available on her web site. Visit her at and get a free report on “Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor space”. Mail to

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