How to take Great Photos of Your Pet

Written by Kelly Paal

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4. If your pet always runs away from you every time you pullrepparttar camera out try leavingrepparttar 116229 camera sit out where it can be seen. Take photos of other things inrepparttar 116230 home and try turningrepparttar 116231 flash off.

5. Be prepared to grab your camera and take photos when your pet is ready, read ďdoing something cute.Ē Iíve been able to get some ofrepparttar 116232 best photos of my cat when heís just doing something on his own.

Remember donít put pressure on your animal to perform forrepparttar 116233 camera. Think more onrepparttar 116234 lines of catch them in their natural habitat. Our pets want to make us happy and you can easily confuse them by pressuring them to look good forrepparttar 116235 camera. Also be prepared to take a whole lot of bad photos for that one really good one.

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The Allure Of Solvents and Chip Shops

Written by Holmes Charnley

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Then there was Simon. Iíve got Pocket Simon. Rubbish. Simply a jumped-up memory game. Christ, you only have to look atrepparttar picture ofrepparttar 116228 kids onrepparttar 116229 box to knowrepparttar 116230 type who went in for this anathema of amnesia. Just staring atrepparttar 116231 four colours was confusing enough. That was without trying to rememberrepparttar 116232 order in which they flashed before depressingrepparttar 116233 buttons inrepparttar 116234 correct sequence. One kid I remember was unbeatable at this. But then he wore specs and didnít findrepparttar 116235 smell of UHU fascinating. Unfair advantage really.

Juxtaposed withrepparttar 116236 Simon travesty wasrepparttar 116237 game I always wanted. Galaxy Invader 1000. Thoughrepparttar 116238 shade of yellow is what I can only describe as Renault Clio yellow, donít let that put you off. Distributed by CGL (Computer Games Limited)repparttar 116239 shape was, in retrospect, merely a forerunner ofrepparttar 116240 penis extension. The E-type Jaguar ofrepparttar 116241 playground world.

These wererepparttar 116242 games I remember most fondly from school. Iíve got a couple of others. I have Safari (Bambino). This comes in a yuckyô green but I donít remember it at all. But this might have something to do withrepparttar 116243 fact that you spend around 10 minutes boxing animals in before it dawns on you that you ought not to bother quite frankly. Obviously some kids must have owned it but never bought it in to school for fear of ritual humiliation.

And I now have Firefox F-7 (Grandstand, licensed to Tandy/Radio Shack). I donít remember this one either but I donít know why. Someone must have had this one and it makes Astro Wars look like Safari. Or Simon. (Now thereís a put down.) Itís kind of like Star Wars. Only youíre not atrepparttar 116244 cinema and things Ö Buy it, still in its box and youíre talking around £85.

And writing this, it is nowrepparttar 116245 25th anniversary of Space Invaders appearing in video game format. Hand-helds were now justrepparttar 116246 new Pocketeersô. The local chippy would never berepparttar 116247 same again.

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