How to super-size every sale to double, triple, and quadruple your profits instantly

Written by Kevin Nunley

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1. Bundle several related products or services together. Droprepparttar price below whatrepparttar 127379 total would be ifrepparttar 127380 customer bought allrepparttar 127381 products separately.

When a customer inquires about a single item, point out she can get that item PLUS a great deal more by purchasing your bundle.

You will find many customers just can't resistrepparttar 127382 bundle bargain. Announce your new bundle with flair. It can pull in orders faster than you can fill them, especially if you advertise heavily to existing and previous customers who already have a good taste for what you offer.

2. "It works fine by itself, but it REALLY works when you add THIS." If your product or service works much better with a complimenting item, be sure to tell customers about it.

It is surprising how many products and services go hand in glove. It's hard to have one without needingrepparttar 127383 other.

Years ago I wrote press releases for $75. A great many customers boughtrepparttar 127384 release, but never got around to sending it to media. So I started writing AND sending press releases. The $75 press release became a $295 release-and-distribution. Almost no one boughtrepparttar 127385 press release by itself after that.

3. If a little worked, a LOT will work even better. As soon as you learn a customer is having success with your product or service, offer them a good deal on more of it.

Sheila's family likesrepparttar 127386 yellow bars of soap one company sells. Whenrepparttar 127387 distributor who services her account hears about this, he offers her a deal on six bars each and every month.

This works as well for management consultants as it does for soap sales. If you solve one problem for a company, pitch them on letting you solve three or four more problems for them. Later you can convince them to let you handle all their problem solving needs.

Successful upselling needs to be atrepparttar 127388 core of every business or professional practice. It can instantly multiply your profits. You might well go from just getting by to living comfortably, and from living comfortably to rolling in wealth.

As you can see, super-sizing every order has to do more with planning than with any special selling skill. Get good at fulfilling a need. Then create packages and strategies that sell even more of your solution to each customer.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, business writing, and popular promotion packages. See his 10,000 free marketing ideas at Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.

What to do when your prospect just won't get back to you!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Here's my phone number. (Add phone number here)

Here's my email address. (Add email address here.)

Here's my website address. (Add URL here.)


Also, please take a minute and complete this short questionnaire and let me know what else you are interested in. Just fill it out, cut and paste and mailto:(your email address here.) I'm standing by right now to hear from you and to help you!


Company Name

Street Address



ZIP/Postal Code

Day Telephone ( )

Evening Telephone ( )

What you are interested in (please check all that apply)

(Add list here, subjects like

"I want my own home-based business.")

Budget you are working with:

/ / Under $250 / / Under $500 / / Under $1000 / / Under $2000

When you want to get started

/ / Now / / Next 30 Days / / Next 60 Days

Any helpful information you can provide which will enable me to help you:


Once you've completed your questionnaire (and, remember,repparttar objective ofrepparttar 127378 questionnaire is to get yourepparttar 127379 information you need to build a relationship with this prospect and makerepparttar 127380 fastest possible sale), enter this message into your Sales Manager. Send it every 3 days for 75 days.

By continually hitting your prospect this way you increaserepparttar 127381 likelihood that you WILL get a response. Ifrepparttar 127382 prospect wants to stoprepparttar 127383 messages that's easy to do. Equally, once she's ready to respond, all she has to do is either follow your instructions on how you can be contacted OR just HIT REPLY to snag your attention.

In an age when people have way too little time and money to take advantage of allrepparttar 127384 offers that assail them daily, you've got to be smarter, more determined, and more tenacious than everybody else.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is Co-Founder and CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. at For FREE subscriptions to Dr. Lant's & Worldprofit online business newsletters, go to For Dr. Lant's Sure-Fire Business Success Catalog, visit

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