How to succeed in a macho world

Written by Valerie Vauthey

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-3- Don’t imitate male machismo (Men: 76% - Women: 20%)

Thriving in a high-profile executive job requires a “genetic” mutation:repparttar development ofrepparttar 132440 thick skin (Men: 54% - Women: 89%) of a man to prevent direct attacks from hurting while remaining soft so that not to hurtrepparttar 132441 male ego. The most effective female business leaders I have met don't try to imitate male machismo. They use some "feminine" attributes such as greater attention to interpersonal interaction, and a degree of approachability to lower people's defensiveness. But underlying this soft approach they remain focused onrepparttar 132442 bottom-line goals, express self-confidence and succeed in achieving those goals without havingrepparttar 132443 men around them feel that they have lost face or been manipulated. Additionally, imitating is irritating. And, though men are not people readers in general, they can see through a bad imitation almost instantaneously.

-4- Be a warrior (Men: 25% - Women: 75%)

Let’s not deny it: not giving in male machismo does not mean we should all be subdued to everything! Being a warrior, or developing a survivor’s spirit will help women be more successful. NO question about it. Problem is: we are not wired to accurately identify rivals. We are not wired to be warriors. We have to work on becoming one. If you develop into a warrior yourself, think like men and play their game. Since women have this great ability to adapt to nearly any situation, this should not be too tough. This attitude paradoxically will help you mingle in men’s groups where you arerepparttar 132444 only woman. Once blended in, remember to shift to a more feminine (and more efficient) attitude.

-5- Treat men as equal (Men: 60% - Women: 76%)

Stop thinking he is man, I am woman, there must be some difference. By brainwashing ourselves into thinking about differences, we focus onrepparttar 132445 wrong element. Let’s stop thinking about differences, let’s believe about one species:repparttar 132446 Business Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Not a woman. Not a man.

-6- Learning whenrepparttar 132447 game is over (Men: 82% - Women: 13%)

Going back years in history and recalling past events when inrepparttar 132448 heat of an argument, is a woman’s all-times favorite. This childish attitude is particularly detrimental to our business success in a dominant male world. What happened five years ago, is over. No need to bring it torepparttar 132449 (business) table anymore. Hey! I know it is a hard one. We are wired to react this way…but aren’t we also wired to be extremely adaptive? ;-) Keep in mind that this wiring happens when we are very young. Little boys are taught to play war games, sport games, which have a clear end. We play dolls and cooking with no real clear-cut ending; it is more of a process than of a timed game. Very interesting poll result where women do not consider this attitude as a showstopper when it comes to their success inrepparttar 132450 corporate world.

I bet that you have found yourself using (consciously or not) one or more of these key factors of success inrepparttar 132451 macho world, and discovered that it was not THAT easy and THAT straightforward.

Recapturingrepparttar 132452 old women’s glory, not to mention its social, religious and political power, is considered difficult if not unattainable. But is it necessary? I don’t subscribe to this point of view. I don’t support allegation about gender struggle, as I have never believed that businessmen and businesswomen were doomed to be at odds.

The old dichotomy black/white, man/woman, power/submission is long gone. In 2004,repparttar 132453 “businesswoman homo sapiens” species has evolved and is now a patent pending complex mix of 10% man, 2% warrior, 88% woman….and maybe some additional secret things which we cannot publish here. I will leaverepparttar 132454 last words to one ofrepparttar 132455 surveyed man, who is definitely not a macho: “best way to succeed in a macho world is to make up your own rules, rather than compete withrepparttar 132456 macho element... The bottom line is thatrepparttar 132457 macho thing may look formidable, but it's really not an effective business strategy; (my opinion) it lacks subtlety...”

Valerie Vauthey is the founder of and

Russian Women Online: Meet Real-Life Russian Brides!!

Written by Elena Petrova

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Andrepparttar last, yours truly:

4) Elena Petrova – M-degree in Philosophy, married to a South African man for more than 5 years, currently living in Australia. We have two children, a boy and a girl.

Back in Russia, I used to be a regional manager of a large marketing agency, having 150 people working for me. My income would fit into top 10% ofrepparttar 132438 population. My website Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( is one ofrepparttar 132439 most popular places for information about Russia and Russian women – even school kids writing essays about Russia use it.

So – what do you think about real-life Russian brides? Do they sound like low-class, desperate silly girls “selling themselves”?

No. Neither their husbands are unattractive old losers.

Take my husband for example: he used to be a top-manager of a corporate company,repparttar 132440 head of finance department, and a successful athlete as well - running marathons and ultra-marathons, and has got 3 medals forrepparttar 132441 toughest Comrades Marathon, which is 90 km throughrepparttar 132442 hills (the ones who run marathons will know what it means!). 6’4” tall and trim, you think he could not find anyone at his home country?!

So WHY those men and women set up to look elsewhere for marriage partners?

The answer is simple: CHOICE!

They can find a better quality partner abroad that is available for them at their home countries.

That’s it.

No hidden agenda, “buying women” – “selling themselves”, justrepparttar 132443 natural human desire.

Forget “mail order brides” nonsense –repparttar 132444 fact that people marry somebody from a different country than their own is a natural attribute ofrepparttar 132445 Internet age where national borders started to fade.

We live inrepparttar 132446 interesting times, pals. Embracerepparttar 132447 opportunities!

Elena Petrova is well known by her website Russian Brides Cyber Guide (, which is an informational source about Russia and Russian women. She holds master’s degree in philosophy and authored several highly successful books about Internet dating. Get your FREE copy of “9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women” - send blank email to

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