How to save money on the Adwords network

Written by Steve Cash

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4) Check those clicks! One ofrepparttar most talked about problem with Adwords is, click fraud. There are two main types of click fraud:repparttar 149812 first is when any one starts clicking away at your advertisements trying to waste your money. It is very hard to stop this kind of fraud, if you are a victim stop your ads and file a report to Google ASAP.

The second main issue is now that google allows Web Developers to earn money off their websites by placing ads (Adsense) .some Web Developers try to cheatrepparttar 149813 system by clicking on their ads as much as possible. The best way to stop this kind of fraud is check your page log, Adwords allow you to block out websites that you do not want your advert to be placed on.

Adwords does not have many protections against Click fraud, although they do disable Adsense accounts who cheat. Google are very hesitant to refundrepparttar 149814 victims, if at all. Reports tell many organisations are actually suing Google to get their money back, so be careful.

In this article I have illustrated some ofrepparttar 149815 most beneficial ways to save money when advertising with Adwords. My main advice to you is, do not go crazy with your spending. You may not seerepparttar 149816 results you are after, it does take a while to get to know Adwords. I have had many successful ad campaigns usingrepparttar 149817 Adwords network. However I do advise to look around, withrepparttar 149818 ever growing popularity of MSN search you may actually find it much more affordable.

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Importing Products to sell on eBay

Written by Nowshade Kabir

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Competition in world’s largest electronic marketplace is fierce! If you have to buy products from a middleman, you may find that your prices are not workable at all. What to do? Since most of repparttar consumers products are imported any way, you may consider outsourcing your product from a foreign country. Today, thanks to globalization importing products are no longer as difficult as it used to be! If you are trying to buy a labor-intensive product, repparttar 149734 best places are probably China – which isrepparttar 149735 hottest at this time, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and some other Asian countries. If you are looking for medium quality electronics and computer parts, your options are China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, etc. For high-end designer products Italy, Germany and France are your best bet. For intellectual property related products, Russia and other Eastern European countries are still a paradise. There is a good chance of finding a supplier through online B2B portals. If you are looking for a supplier from China you may try and Two ofrepparttar 149736 largest trade leads aggregators onrepparttar 149737 Internet. For products from India you may try searchingrepparttar 149738 database of both and For products from Russia and other CIS countries is a great option.

Here arerepparttar 149739 steps you must take in order to import products successfully:

• Locate several suppliers either through online resources or by contacting Trade Commissions of respective countries.

• Contactrepparttar 149740 suppliers and see if they are in a position to deliverrepparttar 149741 right product. Make sure thatrepparttar 149742 suppliers are not your direct competitors. Many foreign suppliers are actively selling products through eBay.

• If you find their price and quality ofrepparttar 149743 product are acceptable get several samples. It is very important to give them an exact copy ofrepparttar 149744 product you are looking for. Without a prototype you might end up getting something far different than you expected.

• Work out your cost, which include buying cost, packaging, shipping, insurance, customs duty, excise duty if any, financing and handling charges, etc. You may also incur other expenses depending on products and your location.

• Check out your supplier. If possible make a trip to visitrepparttar 149745 supplier. Ask for references. Contact their bankers if necessary. Importing requires absolute due diligence.

• Check with a logistics consultant about shipping and exporting rules ofrepparttar 149746 country.

• Contact a customs broker to verify latest duty and other regulations related to importing of this particular product.

• Don’t forget to consider product life cycle, shipping time, seasonality ofrepparttar 149747 product and other characteristics specific to your product.

Importantly, do your homework! You can sure make money by importing and selling goods on eBay. Thousands are already doing this. But,repparttar 149748 key to success relies on your entrepreneurial spirit, due preparation, sound judgment and hard work. If you think you are ready, go for it!

Nowshade Kabir, is the founder, primary developer and present CEO of – a Global B2B Exchange with solutions to create e-catalog, Web store, business process management and other features to run a business online. You can read various articles written by Nowshade Kabir at .

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