"How to protect your Ebook download pages"

Written by Dirk Dupon

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Andrepparttar great thing is that this script is FREE to use.

No need to pay nearly $40 bucks for some other script that purportedly doesrepparttar 108486 same thing - albeit in a slightly different manner.

You can download Kenneth's Ebook by clicking here: http://www.ebooks-made-easy.com/clickbook.htm

(This ebook is in .exe format, so it's for Windows users only...)

Allrepparttar 108487 best!

Dirk Dupon isrepparttar 108488 author of: "How To Make Profit From An  Affiliate Program" This "top-quality" Ebook in .pdf format is FREE to download, and contains secrets and hints about using Affiliate Programs to make more profit on line.  You can get a FREE COPY from here: http://www.ebooks-made-easy.com/successtips.htm


How I Host My New eBook Domains For FREE!

Written by Michael Hopkins

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So,repparttar first step I took was to set up a new sub-domain (I called it http://selfpublishingebooks.bizzydays.com). Next I designedrepparttar 108485 website and published it to this address.

Then, I went along to http://www.DNbuy.com and boughtrepparttar 108486 domain name www.selfpublishing-ebooks.com for $8.97. The reason I bought it at DNbuy is because they offer a whole range of domain name services completely free (domain parking, URL re-direction, e-mail re-direction, etc.).

Once I hadrepparttar 108487 domain name, it took me just a couple of minutes (viarepparttar 108488 DNbuy website) to set uprepparttar 108489 new domain name to point (or re-direct) torepparttar 108490 sub-domain I'd just created (http://selfpublishingebooks.bizzydays.com).

I'm even able to 'cloak'repparttar 108491 address shown onrepparttar 108492 browser's address bar, so that, even though people are surfing on http://selfpublishingebooks.bizzydays.com what shows up on repparttar 108493 address bar is http://selfpublishing-ebooks.com.

Finally, DNbuy even re-directs my e-mails for free. This enables me to create new addresses (like sales@selfpublishing-ebooks.com) and have any messages that are sent to these addresses re-directed to my regular e-mail address inbox.

And that's it! A brand new website -- hosted and all -- for less than $10.

Now there's no excuse not to create sales-focused mini-websites for ALL your ebooks!

Michael Hopkins is owner of BizzyDays eBook Publications. Download Brand New Original eBooks for FREE at: http://www.bizzydays.com Download The eBook Publishing Success Package at: http://selfpublishing-ebooks.htm

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