How to promote website's popularity?

Written by Purva Mewar

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Writing Articles: Write articles related to your main theme and post them to articles' directories. There are many websites exclusively dedicated to articles. You can use articles available on such websites on your website, which may have been written by webmasters like you and me, and can post articles which other people can read or reproduce on their sites. The more people re-print your article on their sites,repparttar better. It gives yourepparttar 143503 advantage of one way linking. The webmasters who use your articles, will in reciprocation place your sites link atrepparttar 143504 bottom of article along with your name. You can also promote your websites by hiring  professional companies, who will do allrepparttar 143505 above and more for you and will charge you a certain amount for it. Some use software, some claim to do it manually. Depending on your budget you hire them. There are many more ways in between to promote your sites further which you learn as you proceed. Be sure about one thing, having a website onrepparttar 143506 net is pointless unless its reaching your target audience. And for it to reach them or have surfers visiting your site, promoting your site is a must.

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9 Ways to Keep Google Happy

Written by Rick Hendershot

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5. Google acknowledges that there may be link "spikes", and so an influx of new links will be interpreted as legitimate if some ofrepparttar links are from "authoritative" sites. Go after links from authoritative sites.

6. If a stale webpage continues to receive new incoming links, it will be considered fresh. Keep adding links pointing to important pages.

7. Links from fresh pages will in some cases be more valuable than links from "stale" or old pages that have not been recently updated. Get links from pages that are active. If you have high value links from important sites, develop a strategy for keeping those links fresh.

8. Google places more value on a site where link growth remains constant and slow. Slow and steady winsrepparttar 143204 race. Keep getting those links.

9. Pages with many inbound links will require proportionately more new links in order to remain fresh. The assumption is thatrepparttar 143205 more links a page has,repparttar 143206 more it should be getting inrepparttar 143207 future. Otherwise it starts slipping intorepparttar 143208 "stale" category. Focus more attention on your most important pages.

Regardless of whether of not Google implements all of these criteria,repparttar 143209 general direction is clear. More importantly, these points make good SEO sense, and provide a very good place to start when planning a link strategy.

Rick Hendershot publishes the Linknet Network, a group of more than 35 websites and blogs offering advertising and link opportunities to web owners.

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