How to prevent your car from being stolen

Written by Sophie Evans

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Car crime is falling and people are taking preventative measures like those listed above, but statistics show that a vehicle is stolen every two minutes inrepparttar UK, so chances are you could become a victim of car crime at any time. If you have been unlucky enough to have your car broken into or stolen these arerepparttar 149010 next steps you should take:

•Firstly, letrepparttar 149011 police know. You don’t need to call 999, just contact your local police station orrepparttar 149012 non emergency number. The police will want to know as much detail as possible, such asrepparttar 149013 make, model and registration ofrepparttar 149014 car, so make sure you know this. •Notify your car insurance company to discuss your claim if you are making one. Letting your insurers know is very important asrepparttar 149015 thieves may be involved in a car accident and you could be implicated. •Ifrepparttar 149016 car is found your insurers should pay for any repairs. If it is not found and you are going to claim, you should present your purchase documents, registration form and any service records.

Everyone is at risk from car crime. Even if you have protected yourself thieves can find a way to steal your car and belongings. Make sure you have adequate car insurance so that you can make a claim when you need it most.

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Editorial notes: Hoot Car Insurance is an online car insurance provider which offers savings on existing premiums and givesrepparttar 149017 customerrepparttar 149018 ease of buying online.

By Sophie Evans – Online car insurance provider exclusively for young people.

By Sophie Evans – Online car insurance provider exclusively for young people.

Get Down and Get Dirty.The Technical changes to the Irish Driving Test

Written by Robin Piggott

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Questions on brakes will cover bothrepparttar footbrake and handbrake, and on steering will deal with cars that both have power steering and those that don’t .Of course there are still a few older cars out there without P.A.S. It’s worth adding torepparttar 148934 list , one more item of importance torepparttar 148935 Driver—that ofrepparttar 148936 Alternator and it’s drive belt .The fact that allrepparttar 148937 above need to be demonstrated onrepparttar 148938 Driving Test should not detract fromrepparttar 148939 need to perform these checks on a regular weekly basis. It is precisely because ofrepparttar 148940 importance of all these pieces of equipment and their monitoring, that it was deemed essential to include them inrepparttar 148941 scope ofrepparttar 148942 Driving Test.

Show Me –Tell Me……..Below is an example ofrepparttar 148943 question and answer technique to one ofrepparttar 148944 Test Questions .The full questions and answers will be provided in another follow up article and onrepparttar 148945 Astral School of Motoring website shortly.

Checkingrepparttar 148946 Oil Level. “Show merepparttar 148947 Oil filler cap and tell me how you would check forrepparttar 148948 correct level of Oil inrepparttar 148949 Engine”…Examiner “Here isrepparttar 148950 oil filler cap and to checkrepparttar 148951 oil level I would first withdrawrepparttar 148952 Oil Dip Stick, wipe it clean and then replace it momentarily. I would then withdrawrepparttar 148953 dip stick again and ensure thatrepparttar 148954 level of oil showing was betweenrepparttar 148955 minimum and maximum marks onrepparttar 148956 base ofrepparttar 148957 dip stick, preferably nearerrepparttar 148958 maximum mark. Inrepparttar 148959 event ofrepparttar 148960 oil level being lower thanrepparttar 148961 half way mark I would top up torepparttar 148962 maximum level”…Candidate

This latter sentence has been put in for good measure since it’s not much good knowing how you would checkrepparttar 148963 oil if you didn’t then follow through onrepparttar 148964 result!

Since all equipment in your car needs to be in tip top shape and regularly inspected if we are to stay safe and avoid accidents, look onrepparttar 148965 acquisition of these technical skills as two sides ofrepparttar 148966 same coin ….Safety and Economy .If you look after your equipment you will be both safe and economic. In a number of future articles we will explorerepparttar 148967 advantages of correct techniques andrepparttar 148968 impact they will have on your safety AND your bank balance.

Robin Piggott has spent a lifetime on four wheels (mostly )and is now trying to help a new generation of drivers to achieve the skills needed to stay safe.He runs Astral School of Motoring in Limerick. http;//

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