How to optimize your site without breaking search engine guideline

Written by David Ausman

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"Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or Page Rank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" onrepparttar web as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links." Source by Google guidelines.

We don't recommend you searching for link exchange to increase your positioning in search engine just like what other people is doing. Wasting their time on link building and searching for new partner. Even ifrepparttar 128072 could find 1000 reciprocal links,repparttar 128073 won't rank well in search engine. You don't need to do this to get highly rated. Don't believe it ? Let's do some research:

Type inrepparttar 128074 word in Google:

1. Reference - Look atrepparttar 128075 top 10 ranking. Do they have a page where a lot of reciprocal link is placed ? Do they search for link exchange ? 2. Webmaster - Same thing, look atrepparttar 128076 top 10 placement. Do you see any link farm on their site ?

The answer is "no". They do not have any link farm. The simple reason why they rank well is:

1. Domain name - Most ofrepparttar 128077 top 10 ranking in Google have their keyword included in their domain name. 2. HTML - They do well in HTML coding 3. Great content - By having a good content, plenty of webmasters link to them without asking reciprocal link. This will increaserepparttar 128078 number of inbound link to their site.

Note: Yahoo and Google have different source and methods to rank web site. This research is done for Google.

Submission: Warning to all of you. Don't use an automated submission program to submit your URL. Be aware that your site might get banned. Just a simple submission to Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ and Excatseek will be enough. Even if it may take months to get indexed, but it is more secure to do it that way. Just be patient !

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Your Top Search Rankings at Yahoo & MSN Search are Worthless

Written by Mike Banks Valentine © copyright March 8, 2005

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The search world is getting very odd when great rankings at Yahoo and MSN don't equal referred traffic. This has always beenrepparttar case to a degree, but is getting extreme and very disturbing. Google has always sent more traffic, with as much as 85% of referred search traffic coming from English Speaking Google variants in US, Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia, and UK sending more traffic than bothrepparttar 105835 US Yahoo and MSN.

What isrepparttar 105836 value of top rankings in MSN and Yahoo if those top positions don't bring traffic?

Zippo, NONE are coming from MSN Search even though we are better ranked in several important search phrases for client sites at MSN that at Google! This is serious and it's a problem that we must resolve. "Searches performed" statistics, like those exhaustively researched by Bill Platt in a recent article are absolutely meaningless if searchers don't click through to top ranking sites! What does this mean?

Even though I write a similar article each year, discuss this topic on large discussion lists and mention it regularly in my Reality SEO blog, I have yet to get honest answers from search engine representatives at Yahoo or MSN. I did get a couple of Yahoo Search managers to admit that more visitors stay onrepparttar 105837 Yahoo site and continue to either PPC ads or to other Yahoo links because "There is more of value torepparttar 105838 searcher at Yahoo." What is of more value to a searcher than relevant search results?

I gave those Yahoo's access to my traffic statistics and those of clients so they could see that nearly 70% of my traffic and that of clients was coming from Google - EVEN WHEN THOSE SAME SITES RANKED HIGHLY IN SEARCHES AT YAHOO! No comment and no explanations as to why, when they generate huge numbers of search queries, that far fewer visitors click through from Yahoo search results than do from Google search results.

One must assume that someone searching for something visits at least a few ofrepparttar 105839 sites that appear inrepparttar 105840 list of search results, no? They sure do visit from Google in significant numbers - consistently. But both Yahoo and MSN Search are failing to send referred search traffic to sites ranked highly in their search results. Why?

I highly recommend that all webmasters with access to statistics for their own site look seriously at your traffic referred by Yahoo & MSN for search phrases you rank well on. Do YOU have traffic referred by Yahoo or MSN Search for your high ranking search phrases. Why not?

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